The Best Breakfast Spots in Sioux City, Iowa

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If you have ever been to Sioux City, Iowa, it’s likely that the cuisine was not the highlight of your trip. Overrun by chain restaurants, Sioux City doesn’t boast many local hotspots. In spite of those limitations, there are still a few places to get a memorable breakfast.

Johnnie Mars. The average age of a Johnnie Mars patron probably lies somewhere north of 60, but they make up for it with great homemade pies and typical diner fare. The service is very friendly, and the prices are hard to beat. Portions are generous, and they keep the coffee coming.

Johnnie Mars Family Restaurant

If you don’t mind dining with a more geriatric crowd, this is a must-try. Order your eggs how you like them, and don’t skip the hash browns on the side.

Perkins. Now, admittedly, this is a chain. But it is still a great option for an early morning meal in Sioux City and beats the stuffing out of the other chain-restaurant-breakfast option.

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Perkins Restaurant and Bakery is airy – image by

You can’t beat the pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries, a side of hash browns and some fresh coffee here. The prices are mid-range for breakfast in Sioux City.

Jitters. Jitters is a coffee shop in the Leeds neighborhood that serves typical fare, but the highlight of any visit here are the donuts made on-site. On a Sunday morning you will stand in line for 20 minutes, sometimes lined up out the door, and for good reason. The donuts are delicious.

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Donuts in Jitters – image by

I wouldn’t recommend a lot of the other food options here, but you have to try the donuts at least once. Do yourself a favor and just go with a dozen, don’t mess around getting one or two.

Sunkist Bakery. This is a small, neighborhood bakery, and I haven’t had anything from there that wasn’t delicious. From donuts to rolls to bread, this is a perfect way to start the day.

Sunkist Bakery

This is another coffee hangout for the retired crowd, because the coffee is good and the prices can’t be beat. They recently debuted a bacon donut if you are feeling adventurous. They are open Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Horizon. An article on the Sioux City breakfast scene just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Horizon. The patrons can make for some interesting people watching, especially if you try this 24-hour restaurant during the wee hours of the morning.

Horizon 24-hour restaurant

Horizon serves up pretty standard diner fare, at a reasonable price. Its not big an ambiance but you won’t leave hungry or without having had a unique dining experience.

Look savoury?

Sioux City may not be big on tablecloths and fine dining, but it does offer plenty of variety for tasty breakfast options.


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