Clear-Coat or ClaraGuard? What is the difference between them?


Hello Dear readers, as well as users of touch gadgets! We are very glad to see you in the category of useful tips, the more we have for you is an interesting article, although not on the tip. Today we would like to discuss with you the problem that is often faced by our dear buyers – is confusion in the distinction protectors Clear – Coat and ClaraGuard .

Dear users, probably you are not just faced with the difficulty of choosing a protective film on the screen of the phone, especially when there are two perfectly identical copies – Clear – Coat and ClaraGuard . Both function as the armored protection of the display and the entire body, but what is the yet the difference between them?

The answer is simple – the fact is that the armored film ClaraGuard , despite its similarity to Clear – Coat and all of its unique features is the only difference – no installation spray. In line with this, ClaraGuard established as the most common film.

The installation method ClaraGuard

So, once we’ve figured out the distinctive features, let’s see how to install a protective film ClaraGuard . First of all, we encourage you to thoroughly examine the product and to visually identify its location on the phone. After that, the special cloth wipe, to provide complete, the device and the fingers. Before installation, be sure to observe all elements of the rules of cleanliness screen and fingers.

Now peel off the ClaraGuard with the substrate, take a tape and glue it to the top and bottom edges of the device. However, be careful that the other end of the product was in the air. Then take the mounting card, which is also provided in the kit, choose the right side in all respects and attach it to the base glued film.

Your next step is to click on the card and its rolling in the opposite direction. Try to leave as little as possible air bubbles. In that case, if the accessory was installed improperly or unevenly, you can peel it and repeat the steps outlined above.

And if you are stuck wrong film

If you have pasted the film is perfect, but small bubbles (up to 1 mm) of air left, do not worry, because ClaraGuard manufactured in such a way that after 48 hours the bubbles disappear. We kindly request for use of the card, Do not press on the film, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Also, be careful! Do not wipe the film of alcohol and other chemicals!

Pay attention!

Also, pay attention to the important points that you may encounter in the process of gluing the film:
1. The more bubbles from the air, the longer they will go away.
2. After you install film ClaraGuard , it is not desirable to use devices that can mechanically affect the edge enhancement.

Our online shop offers you a wide choice of films and other protective accessories for all models of smartphones and tablets. If you want to become the owner of one of these inventions, give us a call. We are waiting for your call. Thank you and all you good.


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