Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is Committed to Environmental Sustainability

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Coe College is located in the heart of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and a nationally-recognized, private four-year liberal arts college. Their long-standing educational heritage has encouraged Coe College to become a leader in implementing environmentally friendly practices on campus making the college an ideal choice for students pursuing a career in environmental sciences.

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One way Coe College is committed to environmental sustainability is to recycle their computer and network equipment. Each year over 10,000 pounds of equipment are recycled by a licensed environmentally safe recycler. They have also switched to duplex printers which save them over 500,000 pages of paper each year.

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Coe College has also invested in new energy saving equipment when older equipment needs to be replaced. By utilizing new servers, the college is saving over $4,500 in electrical costs each year.

Coe College President James Phifer signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment along with over 500 college and university presidents from across the country.

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The American College and University President’s Climate Commitment is an agreement among these leading institutions to provide leadership in their communities to reduce global warming emissions. Colleges who have signed this agreement are also committed to integrating sustainability into their educational platforms.

As part of their commitment to environmental sustainability, Coe College strives to design future building projects to be energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

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They are also working on a climate action plan to neutralize the colleges’ impact on the climate.

Coe College Environmental Club Committed to the Environment

Coe College’s commitment to environmentally sustainability is embraced the students as well. The Coe Environmental Club is run by students who are very active in the efforts Coe College is making to move towards environmental sustainability.

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The student environmental club helped establish the Coe Garden in partnership with Sodexo Dining Services to produce fresh herbs and vegetables for the cafeteria. The Coe College Environmental Club also launched CoeBIKES! which provides bikes that students and staff can use free of charge.

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Coe College Offers Environmental Science Major

Students attending Coe College can receive an in-depth education focused on the environment by pursuing a major in Environmental Science. The program offers a rigorous education that prepares students for a career in natural resource management and environmental monitoring.

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The program engages students and allows them to become active participants in solving environmental problems in the community. As part of the program, students have the opportunity to work with local non-profit groups such as Trees Forever.

An added bonus on campus for students interested in environmental sustainability is the Coe College EcoHouse. This themed housing provides students with a place to practice and teach their environmental skills.

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Students looking for a college that is committed to making the planet a better place and to get an in-depth study of the environment can find it at Coe College. Although the college is based in an urban Cedar Rapids setting, there are plenty of opportunities for students to build a strong environmental sustainability resume to help them land an environmental career of their dreams.



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