Do Ghosts and Hauntings Really Exist? How Supernatural is the Supernatural and Unexplained Phenomena


A plate drops off a table, chairs move, sounds that should not sound are heard, all without the apparent aid of living, human influence. What does this mean? Balls of hovering light, areas of extreme cold, is there really a non-living human entity behind these sorts of phenomena?

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Definition of a Ghost

According to Hans Holzer, noted ghost and apparition chaser, “A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body, usually in a traumatic state and is not aware usually of his true condition….due to trauma, is stuck in our physical world and needs to be released to go on.” (Stephen Wagner,, no date, written for a website).

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Another perspective on the subject by Donald Tyson, writer, regarding the supernatural, “…Neither are ghosts physically present when you see them. They are present in the astral world which always overlaps the physical world. You see a ghost when, for various reasons, the separation between the two levels of reality becomes very thin”. According to Tyson ghosts are not dead people unable to leave earth, but members of the astral plane.

What is a Haunting?

What about hauntings? According to Lauren Forcella (, no date, written for a website), they are actual historic events. Somehow they became filmed like a movie and have triggers for appearing in a number of locations where the events occurred.

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The ghosts that are present during a haunting cannot interact with people, just like actors in a film cannot interact with the audience. Objects are able to store and later playback events, as well.

Hauntings can be recordings of happy events, but because they are happy, they are generally ignored. The ones demanding notice are the ones where there is some form of tragedy–an area of intense negative emotion(s).

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People who are sensitive to these kinds of events are more readily to see or sense them. A haunting may be felt or heard not necessarily seen with figures, depending upon the ability of the viewer. However, there are numerous factors that can impact the apparitional event such as anything that has to do with the weather or the forces of the earth, etc.

Investigative Equipment

Cameras, audio recorders, gauss meters, an assortment of thermometers are some of the equipment used to investigate ghosts and/or hauntings.

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Cameras may capture forms that are not readily seen. Tape recorders are an easy way for the investigators to make notes as well as record any audible sounds that may mark the presence of a spectre.

Gauss meters are instruments that are sensitive to the magnetic energies and are used to investigate areas suspected of hauntings. A series of them may be used in an area to identify changes in the surrounding magnetic fields. Thermometers may be used to measure air and surface temperatures that may signal the presence of something: cold spots, for instance in a room that is relatively mild or comfortable.

Many paranormal investigators take their investigative work seriously, endeavoring to present sound, non-subjective, empirical evidence of the world beyond the earth’s physical parameters. Given the number of authenticated sightings, and recordings, what does the evidence suggest?


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