Footwear Trend-So what is your pick this Summer?

summer shoe trends

Footwear are becoming obsession to every girl this is not because there are so many options but because footwear is the accessory that can carve your personality. Your Footwear not only just gives a look of your personality but also presents your mood. You will select the electric colored footwear when you are ready to rock.

Every year big design houses reveal the footwear trends and so this summer also many brands presented their designs. This article will let you know the latest Trends in Footwear to help you pick the best footwear that will enhance your look.

Clogs with floral design will be most Trendy this Season

Clogs with floral design will be most Trendy this Season. Image by

Clogs are hit this season. Yes I’m talking about the shoes that workers use to wear now clogs are no more worker shoes and are in fashion. Clogs in leather are very much popular, but you can find them in a variety of fabrications such as canvas, nylon, EVA rubber and wool. Clogs are most comfortable and safe footwear and is available for everyone men, women and even for children. Many Brands have jumped in and have got their designers to design clogs with latest fabric.So this year you can borrow clogs of your granny and show your style to the world.
I have got one for you. The one is from Kohl’s. The two things that makes it most trendy Clogs are the floral design and Jute Fabric.

Kitten Hees are Back so now here is a relief for your Feet.

Kitten Heels- Good news for all you ladies who find it hard to wear high heels, kitten heels are back. Or in other words the size of heels has come down this season. Most of the Ramp Shows were full of kitten heels with nice beads. They were very much popular in ninety’s. Kitten hills give elegant look and are very much popular in UK. They are back as they are cooler, fresher and, crucially, more comfortable.


klassische kitten heelsiddebcosmopolitanwrmsk
Kitten Heels. Image by

Your Wedge Heels are safe this Season

Wedge Heels- Wedge Heels are again in trend for this year too. These heels are in trend from the past couple of years and this year they are everywhere. The wedge heels are present in many designs and this year designers are using natural material like rope, jute, and wood. These are present in few inches to as high as five inches. They are very comfortable to wear until they are not very high as they become very heavy as well. Some of the designers are also using floral designs on the heels which are gaining very popularity.

walkable wedges
Your Wedge Heels are safe this Season. Image by

It seems Gladiators are stuck

Gladiator and Strappy Sandals- Gladiator sandals are stuck and are still here. They are very popular with celebs and many celebs can be seen wearing gladiators while shopping. Gladiators are very much popular among teenage and are very economical. They can range from flat ones to one that are up to knee length. Along with Gladiators Strappy sandals with wide straps are also in. Strappy sandals with wide colored straps will be very popular this season. Strappy sandals give gorgeous look and looks nice with any wear.

how to wear gladiator sandals
Gladiator. Image by

Pumps with nice Pattern will be in Trend

Pumps are the most loved sandals of the century. They can add that perfect tag to your look. Pumps are popular because they give the look that makes foot look smaller and legs long. Pumps can fit any occasion and with any apparel. Pumps in electric color gives you that hot look and pumps in white is the perfect look for professional meeting.

Flats are in Trend this Time

Flats are in Trend this Time. Image by

Flats: Flats are the most comfortable sandal but are considered as non-sexy. This year a new range of designer flats are out which are very attractive. Most popular one is ballerina. Other options in flats are oxford flats, sneaker sandals, Jesus sandals, etc. There are many options to choose in flats.

Select Vibrant Patterns and Prints this Summer

Printed Sandals: Sandals in printed fabric were very popular this summer ramp shows. Trends like floral, geometric, animal designs and patterns can be good choice to wear. Mostly strappy sandals with nice colored pattern are out. Printed sandals gives very lively and nice look so grab one of the printed sandals to match up your personality.


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