Hiking in the Fairfield, Iowa Loop Trail – Details of the segments

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If you are new to the city of Fairfield, Iowa, I’d really like to let you know about Fairfield’s loop trail. The trail runs around most of the city and it is made of gravel for easy walking. This trail will take a full day to walk and is very scenic. There is a section of the trail running through Chataqua Park on the south east side of town. Nature is all around on the whole length of the trail. The trail is for bikes and pedestrians and no motorists can travel along the trail.

Details of the segments – image by jeffersoncountytrails

If you were to start walking on the trail at the Chataqua Park point, you can pass over the train tracks on one of two new trail bridges. This is very beautiful and provides a splendid place to exercise. You could take a photo if you wanted.

As far as difficulty or ease of use goes, the trail is mostly flat. As is much of Iowa. However the test of your ability will come at the trail’s length! Because the trail runs around most of the city, you will have no difficulty finding this walk a challenging walk.
Parking for trail users is located on the trail and you will see a sign to let you know where you can park. More often than not, the trail parking lots are located right off of a main road.
Perhaps the most beautiful area on the trail is located on the other side of pleasant plain road from the reservoir. This section goes past a cow field and through a small wooded area.

Hiking in the Fairfield, Iowa Loop Trail - Details of the segments
photo by Werner Elmker

If you followed this section you would find yourself at a golf course and the scenic bridge which goes over some train tracks; which I mentioned earlier.

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photo by Werner Elmker

Fairfield, Iowa is a great place to walk. It’s nice to get outdoors and enjoy nature and natural beauty. If you haven’t started your walking routine as yet, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by my description of the trail as being a lengthy trek. We all need to rest occasionally and you can find benches all along the way. The section of the trail I mentioned, which passes by a cow field, has picnic tables that overlook a pond.

Hiking in the Fairfield, Iowa Loop Trail - Details of the segments
photo by Werner Elmker

If you haven’t decided where you’d like to start walking on the trail, I’d suggest you go to the Walton Country Club to start. Other options include starting at Fairfield Waterworks Park. Or starting from Chataqua Park. I can tell you that these are the easiest points of the trail to access.

Details of the ten segments: http://www.jeffersoncountytrails.org/trails.htm


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