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Iowa birth records may be confirmed or obtained by any U.S. citizen born in the state of Iowa. It isn’t necessary to be a resident of Iowa to obtain a copy of birth certificate or other birth record confirmation. All you need is proof that you were born in Iowa to be able to access this vital information.

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All requests for birth records, no matter what state of the union, are handled through county, parish, or borough vital statistics offices. These offices are under the jurisdiction of their respective state governments. Therefore, should you have any questions pertaining to this issue, the common procedure is to contact the department of health of that state.

Iowa Birth Certificate 

Iowa birth certificates are necessary for any U.S. citizen who was born in Iowa. These important, certified documents guarantee you ease in many aspects of life. From applying for a driver’s license to opening new bank accounts or other financial matters, you’ll find that life becomes much easier when you have your Iowa birth certificate on hand.

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Then there’s the matter of travel abroad. In this day and age, Americans cannot travel abroad without a passport. How do you get a passport? You do so by filling out the necessary paperwork – and providing several primary forms of identification, among them, your copy of birth certificate.

Lost Your Copy of Your Iowa Birth Certificate?

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Have you lost or misplaced your Iowa birth certificate? First of all, if you think your birth certificate has ended up in someone else’s hands, you should report this to the authorities. In these days of identity theft and heightened terrorist threats, a document getting into the wrong hands could spell disaster for you as well as others.

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Now let’s move onto the business of getting a birth certificate replacement. There are now convenient internet services that, for a small fee, can handle the paperwork and bureaucracy for you. Or, if you prefer to do it the old fashioned way, you can go right through the vital records office of the county or parish in which you were born.


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