Iowa’s Energy Strategy: Wind Energy

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According to Senior Editor Chris Harris, Iowa could see its power generation directed more and more towards wind farms in the coming years. He bases his remarks on the latest plan for energy independence title: “Charting Our Own Course: Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Opportunities” published by the Office of Energy Independence’s strategy.

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The latest plan for energy independence is a bold outline for investment in the energy sector and a push towards greater advancements. In 2008, 160 applications for finance for projects for more than $308 million (government grants) plus $1 billion out of the private investment sector. The projects included sustainable energy sector such as wind and solar power schemes, new energy efficiency practices, and biofuels.

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The new plan’s vision aims at total energy independence by 2025, by evaluating the infrastructure of the industry and the state and establishing projects to change energy practices in the home, business and in transport and developing energy efficiency practices.

The Office of Energy Independence says that it seeks a significantly increase the amount of energy it uses from wind power to meet the federal goal of 20 per cent wind energy consumption by 2030.

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In addition, The Iowa Department of Transportation together with the Office of Energy Independence and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, has commissioned a new study of public transportation needs.

The aim of the study is to identify the transport changes needed to meet state energy independence goals and the needs of the people of Iowa.


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