Iowa’s Top Microbreweries

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Iowa is home to 16 microbreweries that are listed on Iowa Brewpubs and Microbreweries. Each brewery specializes in their own unique and special recipe for brewed beer. Some have seasonal beers, so if there is a special beer you enjoy know the breweries schedule.

Millstream Brewing Company is located in the Amana Colonies of Central Iowa. The brewery opened in 1985 and was the brainchild of Carroll F. Zuber, James Roemig and Dennis Roemig. They were assisted in the breweries development by Joseph Pickett Sr., who is one of America’s best known brewers.

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The company was sold several years later but the beers are still excellent. Beers sold at Millstream Brewing Company include Millstream Lager, Schild Brau, Millstream Wheat Beer, Millstream German Pilsner, Sschokolade Bock, Mai Bock, Warsh Pale Ale, Schild Brau Amber, Windmill Wheat, John’s White Ale, German Pilsner, Colony Oatmeal Stout, Old Time Root Beer, Old Time Cream Soda and Black Cherry Soda.

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Granite City Food and Brewery has locations in Cedar Rapids, Clive and Davenport. Each location has their own distilling vats that may be seen behind glass. Their beer selection includes Night Light Lager, Brother Benedict’s Bock, Duke of Wellington, Indian Pale Ale, Broad Axe Stout, Two Pull and Wag’s Wheat.

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Each select beer provides complimentary entree selections to complement the flavor off Granite City’s excellent food menu. A Mug Club and gift cards are available. The Mug Club provides discounts, tap beer specials and reward points for those frequent visitors.

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Rock Bottom Brewpub is located in West Des Moines. The beers of Rock Bottom are said to be made by beer geeks who do nothing but live and think beer. Rock Bottom Brewpub’s are a chain with other locations across the country. Each establishment offers their own selection of beers tailored to the area.

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Beers that are offered in all locations include Light Lager, Wheat, Red Ale, Amber Ale, Brown Ale, Pale Ale and Dark beer. The philosophy of the brew makers at Rock Bottom is “The highest quality ingredients produce the highest quality beer.” Enjoy one of the many homemade specialty beers at each location.

“The highest quality ingredients produce the highest quality beer.” – image by

Other excellent breweries throughout Iowa that provide excellent homemade specialty beers include Cedar Spring Brewing in Cedar Rapids; Court Avenue Brewing and Raccoon River Brewing in Des Moines; Old Capitol Brew Works in Iowa City’ Beck’s Sport’s Bar & Grill in Waterloo;

Cedar Springs Brewing
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Olde Main Brewing in Ames; Upper Mississippi Brewing in Clinton; Front Street Brewery in Davenport; Bricktown Brewery in Dubuque; Lost Duck Brewery in For Madison; and Depot Deli and Lounge in Shenandoah.

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No matter which microbrewery in the State of Iowa you decide to visit, the many individual brews will provide an excellent beverage with numerous tastes. Remember to always designate a driver when enjoying the many Iowa brewed beers.


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