LOST Analysis: Who or What is Jacob?

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Who is this invisible to most man, that hates technology, is both brilliant and unforgiving and for whatever reason lives in a tiny un-kept cabin surrounded by a magical circle of ash.

He is a man of few words, and would not appreciate the drop in, and would probably be the type that would have the No Solicitors sign posted by the front door. He seems to have been around for a while since John mentioned his name in 1954 and Richard didn’t respond with “whose Jacob?”

Seriously, why is he invisible to most? Is he trapped in another dimension? Fans of Lost have pondered this question since he was first mentioned in Season two.

jacob lost
Is he trapped? – image by tvfanatic.com

One fan stated “I don’t know why, but for the longest time whenever I thought about Jacob, I kept thinking of this SpongeBob episode where while selling chocolate door to door, and they go to the house of a mother and daughter. The mother is a mostly shriveled up worm, and for whatever reason, this is the image I get when I think of Jacob”. Fans surely hope he is not a worm.

Jacob Could Possibly be the Spokesperson for the Island, the Embodiment.

Everyone has a boss and perhaps Jacob is the collective conscious that keeps the people in order. Now Christian is speaking for him, yet Christian, died a drunk, a self proclaimed weak one and this is Jacob’s spokesperson? Perhaps he is not, he maybe a spokesperson but maybe it is for something that is the opposite of Jacob.

Jacob may be a spokenperson – image by lostpedia.fandom.com

If he is speaking for Jacob, Echo would make a better spokesperson, he seemed to be the person he should have been when on the island. Besides, if anyone was to give Echo any lip, he could always beat them with his Jesus stick.

Jacob Could be From Dharma.

Now that this can of time traveling worms has been opened, it seems to touch everything. Is Jacob a result from Dharma? Maybe he was in an experiment, and they sent him too far back in the past, he couldn’t get back all the way and somehow he became a god to the others. Some invisible person telling them things from the future would give him god-like qualities. And yet, they still have this problem with Dharma later, which busts this theory, unless of course, Jacob was a disgruntled Dharma official.

Why did Jacob order Ben to kill of the Dharma Initiative? – image by reddit.com

The choice of Horace’s Cabin as his place of residence is part of the reason why Jacob is being associated with Dharma-besides the time travel. However the ash is even more intriguing. Circles of Ash are often associated with protection, to keep bad things out. Who would want to hurt Jacob?

Jacob is Frank Lapidius

There have been numerous theories on who is Jacob, he has been nearly every person on the show including Rose, a computer and even a few regular posters on ABC’s theory board. But the most ridiculous is Jacob is Frank Lapidius and Frank is Jacob, since they have so many things in common.

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Jacob is Frank Lapidius – image by gtvs.gr

Frank is a drunk and Jacob has one speaking for him now, Frank flies planes and Jacob lives in a crappy airplane cabin, Frank wears Hawaiian shirts, and Jacob lives on an island that looks like Hawaii. See the connections. So maybe everyone is Jacob and Jacob is everyone.

If Jacob is not the embodiment of the island, or a creepy old talking worm, than he is probably a guy named Jacob.


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