Nice Summer Jobs for Students in Iowa


A summer job is a great way for a teen to show responsibility, and earning extra spending money is always great. In Iowa, there are many alternatives to the standard retail summer jobs for teens and young adults. The summer months are ideal for outdoor work and the jobs are endless.

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As an agricultural state, Iowa provides opportunities for internships as well as part-time jobs with such companies as Pioneer, John Deere, and Monsanto. In addition to these premier companies, many small farms and County Parks Departments hire students during summer vacation.

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Here are some summer jobs available to teens in Iowa:

De-tasseling corn or walking beans – These are not jobs for the weak, far from it. Long hours in the sun and elements walking Iowa corn and bean fields. Corn plants must be de-tasseled (removing the tassel-like top of certain plants for reproduction) during the spring month and it cannot be done by a machine.

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Bean fields must be worked throughout the season for weeding and picking.

It is a summer job that can teach a young adult about farming, hard work, and supervising a team. Pay is usually based on experience and ranges from $7.50- $10.00 per hour.

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De-tasseling corn in the summer heat – image by

For more information on agricultural summer jobs in Iowa visit these sites:



Adventureland Park and Inn – Whether you love to work at an amusement park, theater, or waitressing for tips, this is the place to apply for a summer job in Iowa. Adventureland Park is the largest amusement park in central Iowa and is expanding every season. Jobs are available completely indoors, partially indoors, or completely outdoors.

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Most positions start at minimum wage, but with a good work ethic you can earn raises and possibly lock in your employment for next summer. This job will teach you the importance of customer service, attendance and supervision of small groups.

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Theater opportunities include everything from stage work to walking brass bands.

Adventureland Inn is the hotel attached to the amusement park. Offering indoor work and a beautiful surrounding, these jobs are all about customer service and cleanliness. The summer jobs offered at the hotel may pay more for experience.

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The summer jobs offered at the hotel may pay more for experience – image by

For more information on summer jobs at Adventureland visit:


Iowa State Fair – This is the perfect place to land that last summer job before going back to school. Even procrastinating teens can get in on the money earning. Some Iowa teens and seniors make the bulk of their income during these 11 days. The earnings are as boundless as the positions themselves.

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Every stand is owned by an individual who probably needs help. There are hats to sell, animals to care for, plants to grow, funnel cakes to make, and turkey legs to smoke.

Every vendor pays according to the work that is expected, there are also volunteer and internship opportunities at the Iowa State Fair. I worked at the fair for 3 summers during high school and made over $500 in 11 days, that was a long time ago.

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For more information about jobs at the Iowa State Fair visit:

Iowa State Fair

If you like to work outside in an unconventional job or have just put off the summer job search, this should give you some good places to get started. These are great temporary positions that may help a teen decide what area of employment they want to pursue.


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