What Is The Vape-A-Licious E Juice That Is Inhaled By An E-Cigarette Smoker?

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There are three necessary components that make a component of the electronic cigarette. They include a cartridge containing an eliquid serving as the cigarette’s moth piece, an atomizer which vaporizes the fluid and that which produces a smoke like vapor and a battery which gives power to the atomizer. The Vape-a-licious e juice fluid is what is inhaled by the smoker and exhaled out in the same way as the ordinary traditional cigarette.

The Ingredients

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There are four ingredients that are contained in the e-liquid or the e-juice. In order to make the vapor attractive and soothing to the smoker, the water is usually flavored. An indispensable component of the electronic cigarette is nicotine. The other two ingredients are PG and VG homogeneous mixtures that are responsible for making the vapor sticky, smoke like and heavy. The four ingredients that are utilized in the e-juices are properly mixed and together processed for purposes of vaporizing inside the atomizer.


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The basic liquid part of the e-juice which is the distilled water assists in keeping low the levels of nicotine and enhancing the liquid’s viscosity. Since the distilled water is neither strongly acidic nor basic, there are no harmful effects exerted to the human body. This water is usually colorless, tasteless and comes with a neutral PH that is not allergic.


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Nicotine is the major component of the liquids that are prepared for the electronic cigarette. In order to lower the harmful nervous effects of the strong chemical, the nicotine amount is significantly lowered. It is usually extracted from tobacco but it doesn’t compare to the traditional ordinary tobacco.

Vegetative Glycerin

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The Vegetative glycerin or VG is used as a base component in the e-liquid. It should be noted that this ingredient in various food products like additives, colors and preservatives. It can also be used in health and beauty products as well as medicines. Is has a sweet taste and produces good vapor.

Propylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol is usually the base ingredient in almost all the available juices in the market. It is a thin liquid that contains flavor which heats the throat very strongly. The effect of the ordinary traditional smoke is simulated by the hitting of the throat. Notably, the base liquid is used in life saving medicines such as the asthma inhalers, in food flavorings and colors.

There are a number of reputable e-cigar manufacturers that produces electronic cigarette liquid of high quality and good flavor. These liquids are available online and you can refill the electronic cigarette by yourself. In order to enjoy the smoking diversity, why not try the different flavors? All you need to ensure is that you do not develop an allergy to any of the present ingredients in the e-juice that you have bought.


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