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The Ackerman Winery, located at 4406 220th Trail, in the Amana Colonies, is one of Iowa’s wineries that both my husband and I enjoy.

In fifteen years the Ackerman Winery has won over 300 awards. This family owned business opened in 1956.

Ackerman Winery has won over 300 awards – image by

Today the winery has several different kinds of wine available and three stores in the main village of the Amana Colonies where you can find great cheeses and jellies and a variety of gifts as well.

Fruit Wines

Currently there are fourteen fruit wines available. Ackerman’s fruit wines are great ones to have on hand for guests. They have highly friendly tastes whether you enjoy wine or not.

The Dry Cranberry offers the cranberry taste with a bit of zip but without the lip-pucker-tartness. I love eating apple slices with this wine.

The dry Canberry (right side) has amazing taste

Dry Cranberry is a wine that isn’t so dry that you feel like you need to follow up with a glass of water; so even people who turn up their nose at dry wines could drink this and probably enjoy it.

I have a soft spot for Ackerman’s Dandelion wine.

The Dandelion

It reminds me of being a little girl and giving my grandmother’s homemade wine a tiny taste test. Dandelion wine is often times an acquired taste; but it is different and something you at least have to try once.

Fruit Blends

Out of the three fruit blends: Autumn Blend, American Pride and Lovers Wine, I enjoy Autumn Blend the best. It is a blend of cranberry and apple and has a full taste. This is one of those wines that can stand alone; you can taste the seasons changing with each sip.

Autumn Blend is a blend of cranberry and apple and has a full taste


As far as grape wines go, there are six available: Catawba, Concord, Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot and Merlot Reserve. For those of you who enjoy a sweeter wine, try the Concord or Riesling.

The Concord has sweet taste

There is a Merlot and an absolutely beautiful tasting Merlot Reserve for those of you who enjoy dryer varieties.

Inside the Store

The Ackerman Winery is also a gift shop. It is a fun place to look for knick knacks and gifts. There are a variety of wine accessories and beer mugs as well.

Any time we have been in the Ackerman Winery, we have been greeted with friendly and helpful people. My only complaint is about the wine tasting process. When you taste the wine, you are given a tiny, plastic cup that you are told to hold onto.

The Ackerman Winery is also a gift shop

Between wines, the cup is usually tapped on a towel to get the excess wine drops out; however, I’ve realized that most times I end up getting some residual taste from the previous wine.

It would also help if crackers or water were offered to cleanse your palate. I am sure that had I spoken up that I would have been responded to with courtesy, but I felt like (as an award winning winery) that this sort of thing should already be practiced.

Reasonable Prices

Prices are reasonable

All wines are $7.95, with the exception of the Chardonnay and the Merlot ($8.95) and the Merlot Reserve ($11.95). If you can’t make it to the Amana Colonies, and you live in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota or Missouri, you can order via phone, mail or fax. Order forms are available on their website.

Hours of Operation

The Ackerman Winery is located in the main village of the Amana Colonies.

The Ackerman Winery is located in the main village of the Amana Colonies

Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday: 9-5 and Sunday: 10-5 Ackerman’s also has The Heritage Wine and Cheese Haus and The Old Wine Cellar. More information can be found at their website (


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