What Could Happen If Our Information on Internet is Misussed.

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Nowadays,Internet is a necessary need in our life,without it nothing can be done,it is now our both hands,from education to office and work,banks to schools and colleges,everywhere we require Internet,without it,it seems our life would stop.It creates easiness in our life,but we should also think a bit negatively,that how can it affect our life,if your information is used illegally on the Internet,how vast loss you will encounter,you can never imagine.

Internet makes our life easy as well as it can create a huge problem in one’s life, everything in this world has negative impact as it has positive. There about my experience of last seven years I have been using it, what one can gain or what could be lost! what would happen if our credit card,bank details,stolen or misused!!!!

Internet makes our life easy. Image by iplocation.net

I am using Internet since 2005,when i was in class seventh,i use most of my time on Internet,searching new things,new ways,creating new blogs,website,registering on sites,i search information on all topics as well as it is related to Internet,so i don’t remembered at how much website i have registered,at how much websites where my information have been stored,i tried most time to earn online registering PTCs(paid to click) GPTs(get paid to),survey sites and many more,but i got nothing in comparison to the time i have wasted,so i decided to write a book on “HOW TO USE INTERNET IN RIGHT WAY IN THIS MODERN TIME TO SAVE TIME AND YOURSELF” i have encountered many time huge problems from my information stored on net,so one should think before registering on uncommon site.

Our information is misused. Image by istockphoto.com

I agree and the whole world agree that Internet made our life as easy as anyone can imagine,getting booked ticket at home,from railway to air,hotel booking to appearing in exams at home online,what a easiness,where we were going to examination center with facing lot of difficulties,but it is now at home.It could be as dangerous as anyone can imagine,like our credit card information,bank information,if misused!!  then???  so we should give our information very cleverly at any point on the Internet.

At last but not the least i will come to the my personal saying “INTERNET IS A GOOD SERVANT BUT BAD TRUSTEE” now you are thinking that what it its relation to SERVANT or TRUST,but according to me its true on the matter of Internet also.so think deeply about it,what could be the turning point if our information is misused.


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