What is the Meaning of the Number of Roses when Given as a Gift?

LolaFlora Meaning of the Number of Roses

Finding gifts that convey a deep, romantic meaning is not easy. These are the types of presents that your loved one will never forget, but just like a dream, they are difficult to realize. It takes a great amount of contemplation, observation, and research to find the gift that exactly expresses how you feel about the person you truly love.

Yes, finding that perfect present may be hard, but you can still express your sincere feelings through roses. I have yet to see a woman who is not moved by the power of these majestic flowers. The deeper she will fall for you if you can say what you mean with the exact number or blossoms. Here’s the code:


one red rose svetlana sewell
One Red Rose. Image by pixels.com

A single rose, regardless of color as long as it’s in full bloom, says “I love you.” It is a symbol of a person’s deep affection and true devotion to the one girl who receives it. 


A gift of two red roses that are put together as a single stem signifies a person’s desire for engagement or marriage. It can symbolize your proposal to create a “little world” with the one you love.


Three roses
Three roses. Image by oshonews.com

Needless to say, three roses stand for the three words that every person in this world longs to say – “I love you. 


You may not know it, but six is a meaningful number when you associate it with gift roses. It symbolizes the need for love.


Eleven might sound odd, but it signifies deep and true love. Give someone an assurance of your great affection by sending her 11 beautiful roses. 


file afcbda
Twelve roses. Image by awesomeblossomsfloral.com

Giving a dozen roses in a bouquet is a traditional way of telling your loved one that you love her in a dozen ways. It is another way of saying “I think of you from January to December.”

Most bouquets of roses that are given as gifts are composed of 12 blossoms by tradition. No one can tell how it originated, but the number has some significance in relation to nature and religion.

Twelve represents a complete cycle. This can be demonstrated by the 12 months of the year, the 12 hours that comprise both day and night time, and the 12 signs of the zodiac that “determine” human fate. These and other factors make 12 a very significant number in man’s physical, emotional and spiritual life. 


thirteen roses
Thirteen roses. Image by floweraura.com

If 12 roses symbolize completeness, 13 is saying that the receiver has a secret admirer, and he could be the sender of those mysterious blossoms.


Fifteen means I’m sorry. 


Twenty Four Hand tied
Twenty four roses. Image by fleurtationsflowers.com

Twenty-four roses is a symbol of great love. It is a romantic gesture that says “I love you, and I think of you 24 hours a day.”


Thirty-six is equivalent to three dozens. Sending someone a bunch of three dozen roses is a way of saying “I’m head over heels in love with you.” 


arabic numeral  forty eight from red flowers of rose isolated on white background
Forty eight  roses. Image by 123rf.com

Four dozen roses symbolize unconditional love. It is a pledge of love that cannot be broken no matter what happens.


Giving fifty roses is a way of saying “I love you and I don’t regret it.” 

One hundred 

One hundred roses. Image by pinterest.com

“Till death do us part”

Roses may wither and die, but they don’t lose their beauty and meaning to the receiver. They carry a pledge of true love, a commitment to be faithful, and a message of deep gratitude. When you’re sorry, you can also use roses to express apology and deep regrets. Roses may not be as expensive as diamonds, but they carry a meaning more valuable than anything money can buy.


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