What Exactly Is Alzheimer Disease?

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 Alzheimer disease is usually not genetically passed down however, if a first line relative has Alzheimer disease then the person closely connected may be more at risk to acquire Alzheimer disease. Additionally it is known as senile dementia or simply dementia.

The Causes Of Alzheimer Disease

The sources of Alzheimer disease aren’t fully known or comprehended, yet.

The source of alzheimer isn’t full known yet – image by news-medical.net

It’s felt by some experts that if you decrease the risk of heart disease plus those long time staples of living healthier by exercising regularly, eating well in a healthy way as well as keeping yourself active in various manners. People who study the disease believe it has something to do with a possible combination of genes, lifestyle and environmental issues that have affected the brain over the years.

Some main causes of alzheimer – image by researchgate.net

Additionally as a particular person grows older they become more prone to get Alzheimer disease so one of the risk elements is age. And of people over 85 years of age around half of them may have some type of Alzheimer disease.

The The Signs Of Alzheimer Disease

There are numerous symptoms of this particular terrible disease. Sometimes the signs or symptoms are believed to be just a part of the aging process and being truly diagnosed with Alzheimer disease may not occur for years depending on the length of time the early stages last.

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In the early stages of Alzheimer disease the first indicator is really a particular person can’t remember recent activities. They might be confused as well as cranky. Therefore the very first sign is really memory loss. As the disease progresses they will perhaps wander around outside the house. They forget to eat or even take medicines. Lose track of days and weeks. They might become aggressive.

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They substitute words and cannot recall member of the family names or some other things. Some people simply withdraw into themselves. So signs and symptoms are usually varied by individual.

The Identification And Management Of Alzheimer Disease

Generally, there are no firm tests for Alzheimer disease however kits de elisa are being used in the research. It is assumed the disease is a result of decrease of neurons and synopses within the cerebral cortex.

Alzheimer kits de Elisa – image by omnia-health.com

The very best test besides utilizing a kit de elisa is talking to family members who describe the person’s habits. It’s impossible to stop the disease from progressing. There are two current medications which are used that are believed to boost brain cell communication. It is not curable and terminal.

Living With Somebody Who Has Alzheimer Disease

Patience may be the very best advice.

Give them patience and love – image by mysouthernhealth.com

Also make the home safe for the person with Alzheimer disease. You may have to modify the living environment by removing extra home furniture as well as making pathways clear. Set up hand rails as well as safety bars within the bath. Ensure the individual is consuming a healthy meal too.


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