What is so Unique in Indian Inspired Décor?

What is so Unique in Indian Inspired Décor?

Indian décor tends to differ considerably from the available options in the field of home décor in recent times. The exotic designs and rich, warm colours are enhanced by the characteristic grandeur to create a décor that is not only unusual but highly elegant.

Many interior decorators are now opting to use Indian inspired décor in homes due to their earthy appeal and aesthetic charm.

Unusual and high elegant – image by makaan.com

Judicious Use of Colour

The main aspect of Indian décor is colour. Therefore, it is necessary to select the colours wisely. Painting the walls of the living space a random colour may disrupt the entire look of the room. It is better to stick to three basic colours viz. yellow, red or even purple. These colours possess the ability to impart the living space with a distinct grand feel.

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Since the texture and quality of the colours vary from one brand to another, it is best to test the colour before applying it on the walls of the entire room. In case the colour palette seems to be too over-the-top, the walls may be kept neutral to tone down the gaudiness of the room. Colour can be added in the form of home accessories and furnishings.

Fabric Selection

Indian décor involves the use of large amounts of fabric. They are used to create curtains, intricate tapestries and throws.

Indian décor curtains – image by pinterest.com

Attention needs to be paid to the windows of the room. Neither must they remain bare, nor should they be fitted with mere blinds. Windows in Indian homes sport soft, flowy drapes in complex patterns. Homeowners must attempt to locate drapes in actual Indian prints. Satin is a suitable material for the creation of drapes.

Colour schemes may range from bronze to rust to copper colours since they highlight the bland windows of the room. Bedding with detailed Indian motifs may be bought from specialized stores or they may be ordered online.

Satin is a suitable material for the creation of drapes – image by gumac.com

For the bedroom, handpicked duvets as well as matching pillow covers can impart an exotic element. However, if a summery look is preferred for the room, it is ideal to choose light pastel colours. But, if the homeowner wishes to create a richer, more sensual atmosphere, they can choose from reds, purples and blacks.

Bedroom with India style – image by smalldesignideas.com

Role of Furniture in Indian Décor

Furniture is one of the most important elements in Indian décor. The majority of the Indian décor options rely on furniture to draw the attention of the viewer. Ornate, wooden furniture in the room is a superb addition. But, if the homeowner does not have such an exciting look in mind, they might add a touch of refinement and class to the room in the form of generic pieces of furniture.

Furniture is one of the most important elements in Indian décor – image by houzz.com

It is possible to personalize the whole look of the room using accessories. Unless the homeowner plans to replicate the luxuriant look and feel of the Indian royal palaces, they need to plan interiors that are not only stunning to look at but functional too.

It should be kept in mind that interiors in the Indian subcontinent do not appear to be completely out of sync. The available space may be personalized with the assistance of area rugs, throws and cushions.

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Flooring Options

India is one of the few countries in the world where the flooring in homes may be created from materials other than marble or cement. Indian flooring may be constituted of wood, ceramic tiles, glass or marble. Hardwood flooring is one of the best options if the homeowner has decided to keep the walls sparse.

Hardwood flooring is one of the best options – image by houzz.com

This provides the furnishings with the opportunity to stand out in the room. If the homeowner is in a mood to form a statement, they might pick up area rugs. Indian motifs can be found on the internet through a simple search and rugs carrying similar designs may become the centrepiece of the whole room.

Never select tribal prints and graphics. Instead, the homeowner may opt for elephants and paisley owing to their popularity in Indian designs.

Elephants design is good option – image by aliexpress.com

Distinct Accessories

Indian décor consists of numerous accessories that give a warm, vibrant feel to the room. Accessories must be in shades of bronze, muted gold and silver.

Accessories must be in shades of bronze, muted gold and silver – image by pinterest.com

In several homes in India, the most common design elements happen to be brass oil lamps, statues of Hindu gods and elephant carvings.


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