What is a Louvre Roof? Advantages Of A Louvre Roof

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If your building has poor airflow, you might well consider having a Louvre Roof fitted. The design of these roofs allows for optimum air movement, and they can even be adjusted to allow more or less air, depending on temperature and other factors. Also, in case of fire, a Louvre Roof will create somewhat of a vacuum, allowing anyone inside to escape with the best chance of avoiding smoke inhalation.

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The design of these roofs allows for optimum air movement – image by eclipseshavesystems.com

This short guide will fill you in on everything you need to know about these newly designed works of modern engineering.

Where Can A Louvre Roof Be Installed?

The quick answer? Almost anywhere. Whether you’re in an office, a factory, or even a library, a Louvre Roof can prove to be a vital accessory to aid both comfort and safety. Louvres have become very popular of late, with many businesses choosing to have one installed at their new premises.

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Louvre roof can be installed anywhere – image by eboss.co

As well as safety and comfort, a Louvre Roof can save a considerable amount of money on powering expensive air conditioning units, allowing the business user to keep costs down and focus on more important things.

What Does A Louvre Roof Look Like?

Much like Louvre doors, this roof design is made up of many slats that can usually be adjusted electronically to allow for different amounts of airflow. Often very aesthetically pleasing, these contraptions make for a perfect addition to any office building or place of work.

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Louvre roof is made up of many slats – image by shuttershop.com

If you are lucky enough to live in a large house, they can also be installed there too.

What Are The Main Advantages Of A Louvre Roof?

As mentioned previously, Louvre Roofs can help create much better airflow within any building, and this in turn will save on electricity costs, and improve fire protection. They’re perfect because they suit both summer and winter conditions. In the summer you’ll probably have the slats open all day to keep your building cool. Whereas in the winter, if you keep them closed, you’ll experience increased warmth.

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Louvre roof will save on electricity costs, and improve fire protection – image by ozsun.com

How Much Does A Louvre Roof Cost?

How long is a piece of string? For small buildings, a Louvre Roof can be obtained for quite a reasonable price. This obviously increases with larger building sizes, but in the end, they do end up paying for themselves. Try shopping around before you decide on a manufacturer because, as these products are relatively new, price difference between retailers can be considerable. Make sure you do some research to guarantee you get the best deal possible.

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How much does it cost? – image by iowalum.com

If you’re looking to have these roofs installed on numerous properties, you’ll generally receive a large discount, so this may well be worth thinking about. If your factory is located on an industrial estate, why not ask your neighbours what they think of the idea, you never know, they might be interested in getting one, and if they are, try chipping in together for the best chances of a reduced price.

So there you have it. A short and simple guide to the most popular modern roofing solution around today.


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