What is a Mud Knot?


Have you heard of a mud knot? Did you wonder what it was? A mud knot is a “knot” that you put in your horse’s tail to prevent it from dragging in the mud and/or manure and getting yucky and tangled. Some people use this when their horse is out in the field, but others say that this is not wise.

Mud knot prevents horse’s tail from dragging in the mud – image by pinterest.com

Some horses have been known to get their “knots” caught in a fence (or other object) and accidentally ripped most of the hair from their tails – Ooh! That hurts! Not good.

Something else that people use to keep a horse’s tail elevated and out of the mud is a tail bag. Some horse owners like these better and think that these are safer than mud knots; although others don’t like tail bags either.

Bucas Tail Guard RA
Horse tail bags are much more safer than mud knots – image by horseandhound.co.uk

There is also a tail wrap that is made to keep hairs at the top of your horse’s tailbone from rubbing and breaking off. This is very helpful while your horse is riding in a trailer.

Horse tail wrap

So, as you can see, there are various ways to protect your horse’s tail, some more recommended than others. I encourage you educate yourself and speak with your trainer and/or vet to decide what is best for your horse.


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