What is a Youtube Partnership?

youtube partnership

A Youtube partner is a Youtube Channel that has been invited or approved by YouTube.  They make money by hosting Google adsense on their videos.  On average, YouTube partners earn roughly $1.50 per 1,000 views.

Some of the top YouTube channels are said to make over $10,o00 per month.  Channels like Shane Dawson, Ray William Johnson and Fred are some of the top money makers on youtube.

Youtube channel of Shane Dawson

There are two types of partnerships with youtube.  One is a Full partner, which is what is listed above.  They are able to have more control over their channel page and customize it.  They can also add custom thumbnails to their videos and their ads get instantly approved on the videos they upload.

youtube partner program
Full Youtube partners have more control over their channel page and customize it – image by megatechnews.com

The 2nd kind of partner is the Youtube individual partnership program.  The IVP allows youtube users to display and make money only some of their videos.  They are not able to customize anything or have any extra advantages than a standard channel.  However, they will earn money into their adsense account which could lead to big bucks.

Get approved for YouTube partner program scaled
Youtube individual partners can make money only some of their videos – image by shutterholictv.com


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