What is African-American culture? Jackson African American culture

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What is African-American culture?

Any modern dictionary might define culture in a plethora of ways. For centuries anthropologists have staked their claim on the term and treated it as a social factor to be observed and analyzed.

Beyond a research standpoint, culture can be clearly described as a shared group of ideas, objects, behaviors, likes, and dislikes. It has traditionally been looked at from the constraints of time and chronology. However, culture is interesting as a communal element as well.

African culture
African-American Culture. Image by pbslearningmedia.org

Interestingly culture can be appreciated in view of specific groups of people. One such group with an interesting culture is the African diaspora. The African diaspora is the multitude of people of African descent who have been scattered to almost every geographic location outside of the continent of Africa.

It is interesting to observe the labels pertaining to members of this diaspora in relation to their residences. Labels such as African-American, Afro-European, Afro-Brazilian, etc. have become commonplace. To look at these groups for their cultural contributions is absolutely thought-provoking and necessary.

Jackson, Mississippi, with the Capitol Building in the foreground. Image by worldatlas.com

African-American is the label used to describe those persons of African descent who live in America. This particular group has made significant and noteworthy contributions to American culture. No portion of American history has been deprived of the actions, creations, and the ideas of African-Americans. The culture of the American south is also exciting and unique for many different reasons. Within Mississippi, African-Americans have been an important part of culture. Jackson is the capital of the state as well as an urban and metropolitan center of art, politics, cuisine, education, and southern hospitality. African-American culture within Mississippi and Jackson progress with the knowledge of what African-Americans have done, are doing, and what they will do to benefit culture with their talents and efforts in the future.


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