What is Channeling? Different ways of channeling

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Find out what channeling is, who can channel and how to do it.

Channeling is a method of connecting with the spirit world in order to gain guidance or information for oneself or for other people. Once contacted, the spirit guide can help us to grow in wisdom, can clarify our decisions and enable us to assist those around us on their journeys.

Channeling is a method of connecting with the spirit world – image by skillshare.com

Most of us tend to assume that channeling is a gift given only to a handful of fortunate, naturally mystical people. The truth, however, is that anyone can channel; it doesn’t take years of training or hours of practice. It’s just that very few of us have “tuned-in” to our ability.

It’s necessary to quiet the mind to allow the busy, thinking and planning aspect of the mind to become still. How can a higher being contact us if we’re permanently preoccupied with earthly concerns?

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How to Channel

The key to attracting a spirit guide is to quieten the mind:

  • Meditation is an excellent way of doing this; if you don’t already meditate, there are many techniques available.
  • Once your mind is rested, simply ask for guidance from a spirit guide.
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Meditation is an excellent way of quietening the mind – image by everydayhealth.com

The spirit guide can come in many forms: it could be an angel, a deceased loved one who has some special advice for you, or even a fairy. A true spirit guide will always tell you the truth (even if it’s not what you want to hear!) Your heart will know if you have truly connected because it will feel the genuine love and beneficence of the guide.

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A true spirit guide will always tell you the truth

You will be filled with enthusiasm and bliss. Channeling can also happen through creativity – an artist, for example, may connect with a higher wisdom through drawing, painting or sculpting, a writer through writing and so on.

Different ways of channeling

  • Trance channeling – the channeler, working to help a client, enters into a meditative trance; the spirit speaks directly to the client, through the channeler who may be unaware of the words he or she is speaking.
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The spirit speaks directly to the client through channeler’s body – image by pg.vn
  • Automatic writing – the energies from the higher beings come through the channeler’s fingers as they write the guidance down, or type it on a keyboard.
  • Telepathy – the channeler mentally tunes in to the higher being and the guidance is transmitted by thoughts or feelings.
Telepathy – image by istockphoto.com

No channeler will be able to prove that what they are doing is genuine, any more than the spirit guide will prove its validity, but the wisdom, light and love received will be sufficient. It is wisdom which we all have, deep within our being, but most of us have forgotten it. Channeling is a method of re-connecting with this wisdom.

A client may call upon a channeler for many different reasons from physical illness, family difficulties, career guidance or insight on their spiritual journey.

channeling can be used for many purposes – image by 7thsensepsychics.com

Channeling is a most beautiful voyage of discovery, for both channeler and client; it is a way of connecting the wisdom, bliss and insight of higher consciousness with our own innate wisdom, bliss and insight. It is a journey well worth making.


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