What Is Death? Compared to the Eternal Reality, Our Life in This World Is Death

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While we don’t perceive the eternal reality, our existence in this world is called “death.”

Or rather, it is only sustained by a tiny spark of the infinite Light that contains the entire reality, and this spark is unable to sustain its existence eternally.

This is because our senses are designed only as receptors of this infinite Light. We cannot sense the entire life of the whole organism containing the seven billion other people around me as one body. We can only feel the tiny existence of “me in my five senses.”

We can only feel the tiny existence of “me in my five senses” – image by 60secondmusicmarketing.com

In this state, I only feel desires to achieve a small spark of the Light (or “pleasure” for a simpler word). These desires can be divided like this:

Basic Division of Our Desires

  • Physical desires: our basic desires for food, sex, shelter, family that form our most basic feeling for what we call life.
  • Social desires: desires for interacting with others around us, but always in a form of reception, i.e. money, wealth, control, power, honor, pride, and knowledge.
Maslows Hierarchy
Maslows pyramid – image by jems.com

In other words, I always feel a lack of pleasure. This lack forces me to think and work to achieve that pleasure. After I achieve it, another lack of pleasure enters me and pushes me to work again to achieve pleasure. This process continues ceaselessly in our state of existence, and we are never completely satisfied.

Because we are never completely satisfied, this is why life in this world is called “death”: it is devoid of the infinite pleasure.

Our desires have evolved us throughout history – from cavemen who only had physical desires, through all the following levels as we developed society, and continued developing it to today’s global society.

No One is Satisfied With Their Lives
Because we are never completely satisfied, this is why life in this world is called “death” – image by 9wow.in

Our desires are evolving us to a point where we will reach dissatisfaction with all the possible ways we can be fulfilled. This will be the beginning of our next level of development, and it has already begun. Many people feel this emptiness and incompleteness these days stemming from a highly developed desire that can’t be fulfilled by all the above mentioned desires.

Then people feel emptiness – image by indusscrolls.com

This is the birth of a new desire, called “the desire for spirituality.” It is expressed by the questions “What is the meaning of life?” “What is the point of life?” “Why do I feel bad?” “Who am I?” “What is reality?” “Why is there so much suffering in the world?” People either ask these questions consciously or simply feel them without being able to clarify them. They are causing more and more confusion and leading people to search outside of what they were raised on.

People either ask questions consciously – image by goodmenproject.com

We are now beginning to wake up from a dream-like state. The intensifying feeling of meaninglessness and personal, social and global crises will intensify the question “What is the meaning of life?” to a point where we won’t be able to suppress it anymore with any religions, movies, music, or whatever we have made throughout history to suppress it.

what meaning life note pin bulletin board
“What is the meaning of life?” – image by dreamstime.com

Along with this new desire emerges the method from ancient times that was designed to fulfill this desire – the method of Kabbalah (Hebrew for “reception”). The purpose of this method is to guide us in overcoming the temporary feeling of life we receive through the five senses (called “death” – where the infinite Light does not reach), and attain the eternal feeling of life while living in one’s body in this world (called “life”).



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