What is God and how can having God help me in my life?

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When we evaluate who or what God is, it is important to remember that each person has his or her own religious freedom. Each person can choose to believe whatever he chooses, and it is not for anyone else to decide what is right or wrong.

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Religious freedom is like a gift to enable us to search for ourselves. Each person’s truth varies based on life’s unique experiences, and sometimes the truth gets muddled along the way.

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  • So what is God? God is different for every person. To me, God is a choice. A choice to believe in something more, good, powerful, and empowering. God is a lifestyle, a wardrobe for your soul. His beauty is timeless, and his love is breathless. His truth is absolute, and his compassion is endless. His love is eternal, and his patience knows no end. He was, is, and always will be. He is everything that one needs to survive and live an abundant and fulfilled life.
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His joy is unspeakable, and his heart is all encompassing. He is not limited by flesh and bone, but empowered by faithfulness and belief. He is the ultimate judge, and his justice is fair and impartial. He loves us unconditionally, and with a love that we cannot understand or comprehend. He is for all people, in all situations, and from all walks of life. He is complete truth, knowledge, and wisdom.

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  • How do you know God? God is a spiritual journey through valleys of self-doubt, regret, and reproach to mountains of beauty, joy, and happiness. Each trip shows us more about ourselves, and more about our maker. The real truth of God is found through reading his word, prayer, meditation, and simply listening. Asking God to reveal himself and be a part of your life is a big step towards realizing God and his wonder. Believing in him and his son, Jesus, is another vital part of knowing God and the truth of who he really is.
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Once you have invited him to be a part of your life, the second step is allowing him access to you and your life. This could mean there are areas for improvement within yourself and your life, it could mean that there are things that you need to let go of in order to move on, or it could mean that your life has been changed completely and the old life is no longer appealing to you. Whatever it means to you, it does mean that your life has begun anew.

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Talk to him, give your worries to him, pray to him, worship him, love him, and he will give you joy and love in return. The key is to always seek his face and his heart, and then in you he will make a new heart.

  • How can having God help me in my life? Having God in your life helps when you need a friend, someone to talk to, someone to cry to, someone to guide you, and someone just to listen. He is always a friend, and he is always there. He never leaves us, but is always with us. He can provide guidance and insight into problems, encourage change and growth, remove negative things in our life, bring blessings and positive things in our life, remove hurt and pain, replace that hurt and pain with joy and happiness, and show us a whole new life just waiting to be discovered.
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He is forever, and he never tires of listening. He is a light, a beacon in a dark, cold world that is full of hate, hurt, death, and pain. He is sanity, patience, and virtue in a world where all of those things have been lost. He can implement change within us to help us through our journey, and help us discover our truth. And he can teach us that the key to this life is simply LOVE.

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