What is Metaphysics? Metaphysics is a Religion?

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The word ‘meta’ means higher and beyond. Metaphysics is the study of how the universe we live in got started. It is the study of the philosophy of physics that tries to answer the questions that science cannot.

How Metaphysics got started

Metaphysics is the study of how the universe we live in got started – image by lookfordiagnosis.com

If we study the philosophies of the ancient Chinese and the Egyptians we, will see that the earliest thinkers of spirituality spoke much of how life relates to spirit. Aristotle and Plato and the writings of Homer also look at life this way, as well as the Incas, Aztecs, Celts and many more. Metaphysics has been present in many different cultures throughout history since the beginning of time.

BC Aristotle Metaphysics
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There are two types of Metaphysics.

  • Pagan Metaphysics: Many of these beliefs are based on early Pagan and Celtic beliefs and are built on a foundation of metaphysical principles. This type of metaphysics dwells on the good and bad of life, events, energy and associations.
What is Metaphysics? Metaphysics is a Religion?
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Pagans acknowledge the negative and see it as a prerequisite for creating balance in all areas of life. Without the negative, one cannot know the positive. It’s said that one should not dwell on the negative, but acknowledge it exists.

  • New Age Metaphysics: New Age simply refers to a period of time, such as in the age of Aquarius. Followers of metaphysics believe the modern day time period that, according to predictions by famous prophets like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Lazarus, was said to be a time of spiritual evolution and awakening.
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Some New Agers call this the time of awakening to the Christ consciousness; Christians call it the second coming of Christ. Metaphysics combines the concepts of science and faith, creating a balance of both.

Metaphysics is not a Religion

Many people misunderstand the word “metaphysics” and some erroneously believe the term refers to a religion. Metaphysics is a doctrine that combines religion, science, and literature with underlining philosophies.

Metaphysics is not religion – image by newscientists.com

Dictionaries and encyclopaedias list metaphysics as a philosophical doctrine that states something to the effect of, ‘all things are part of each other and searches to find first cause principles.’ To metaphysicians, this refers to the origins of man’s start and his connection with every living thing around him.

The Universe and the Theories of It Origin
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Metaphysics teaches that individuals are all part of the universe and one person is said to be connected to every other living thing. An individual’s actions will affect his/her own life and the lives of others. By combining science and faith, one can gain a deeper understanding of the world within and without.


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