What is Relocation Astrology? A Method of Determining the Best Locations for Travel or Living

relocation astrology
What is Relocation Astrology?

Astrology has a long and varied history, with many celebrities and public figures secretly relying on the advice of a trusted astrologer. Some astrologers are breaking ground and finding new methods to use the ancient art in unexpected ways. One of the most recent developments is the idea of relocation astrology.

Determining the Best Locations to Live, Work, and Play

As explained on SkyViewZone.com by Jim Lewis, relocation maps “show locations where certain key planets are conjunct the house cusps.” Each person has 12 houses in their birth chart that help determine their personality and needs, along with their sun sign, moon sign, and ascendant sign. Each house rules an aspect of life, such as love, personal fulfillment, and career satisfaction.

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At the same time, the planets have certain energies and power attributed to them. Rae Orion, in her book Astrology for Dummies, says that Jupiter is related to prosperity, extravagance, wisdom, and expansion. So someone looking to move to a city that will give them financial success or that will grow their business might look for a city that has Jupiter’s power.

The planet that corresponds to each location listed in the chart is determined by the planets that rule the reader’s appropriate houses. Each astrologer has their own personal method for determining this formula, and therefore the same chart worked by different people could have wildly different results.

Travel, Whether for Business or Pleasure, Is Also Determined in a Relocation Chart

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Although the name is focused on readers looking to relocate permanently, the chart can also include cities the reader is seeking to conduct long-distance business, or locations they simply want to visit for fun. Some believe that a relocation chart can warn the reader about travel complications, bad weather, or danger that could occur in prospective vacation cities.

As with all astrology charts and readings, the more information the reader can give about their exact time and place of birth, the more likely the chart is to be accurate. This is where caution comes in – some unscrupulous astrologers abuse the information clients give to them. It’s important to do some background research into warnings and complaints before working with an astrologer.

Does Astrology Really Work?

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Of course, there’s no reason to buy a relocation chart, which can run from $25 to $300, if the reader is not already a firm believer in astrology. It’s not a scientific method, but it does work and produce good results for many believers. There is also a agreed upon system in place that most astrologers work with, so some believe that it can be more reliable than some psychic readings.

For those who don’t mind spending the money, a relocation chart may actually give the reader some interesting new ideas for travel spots or their next hometown. It may provide the impetus needed to make a big move or a radical change that can make a chart recipient finally pursue his dreams.

Relocation Charts May be Helpful for Astrology Believers

For those who already believe in the power of astrology to predict the future or determine the personality, purchasing a relocation chart may be a good idea if they’re looking to relocate or travel soon. Even a reader simply interested in opportunities in new cities may be interested in seeing what a professional astrologer has to say. But care should be taken to find a trustworthy professional before trusting someone with personal information.


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