What is swaptree?

What is swaptree?

Do you have a book that you are trying to sell on eBay, the offers are too low or not worth selling it? Do you have a stack of DVDs, books, video games or music that is also not worth selling them? You do not know what to do with your book, video games, music, and DVDs.

Instead of taking them to goodwill were you are not going to receive anything except a ticket for tax time. You could use this site. This site is called swaptree. Swaptree is a place where you could exchange or swap things. You could exchange books, music, DVDs or video games. You pay only for shipping. To start trading you need to start a want list.

Swaptree is a place where you could exchange or swap things. Image by hip2save.com

You add items to your list and swap tree will look for trades that you are requesting. You do not need to look for items. Swaptree will do the work for you. When they find your items that you requested you could accepted or reject. The site is free to use. You only pay for shipping and handling. The shipping would cost around $2.50.

If you accept item, you and the other person will receive more information by email where to ship the item. You are responsible to ship your items you are going to trade. They also have a three-way trade. This is when other parties are interested in your item. It works by if you are user A you will send the item to user B. Then user B will send item to user C. Then user C will send item to user A. I love this idea because I have a lot of cds, books, and dvds I do not use anymore.

There are just sitting in the shelves and causing a lot of clutter. Instead of me wasting time to sell it, I could use Swaptree and get new stuff I am interested in. When I am finish with my items and could return to swaptree, and do it all over again. I also could keep them if I like. This works like recycling things you do not want. The only thing I need to worry is about shipping.


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