What Is The Difference Between A Motel And A Regular Hotel?

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Once you start planning for a vacation at Lakes Entrance, you would require arranging accommodation to halt. The type of arrangement you decide to make will depend on your needs. The differences between a motel and a hotel go way beyond the noticeable differences in charges incurred per night.

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What are differences of motel and hotel? – image by hotelcareers.vn
  • Rooms: Hotels are majorly huge buildings with large rooms and several floors. They are compartmentalized into various sections such as VIPs etc. They come with clean parking conveniences. But then, as motels are located along the interstates and thoroughfares, they provide access to almost everyone.
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A luxury hotel room – image by theluxcurytravelexpert.com

Especially, travelers who require cheap parking, in close proximity. Motels are usually three to four storeys with rooms having their entrance on the buildings outside. You can find both large as well as small rooms in a motel.

  • Location: A hotel is mainly a building with many floors and located in the heart of the city. They are easily reachable and well connected to local transports. The hotel building is a landmark of a place. On the other hand, motels are generally situated along the interstates and sub-urban rural areas of the city or country.
Motels are generally situated along the interstates and sub-urban rural areas of the city or country – image by vnbiz.vn

A motel can be a fantastic place to wait, if you want privacy and calmness.

  • Amenities: The facilities offered by a motel and a regular hotel are also different. In a hotel, you might use a pool, gym and Jacuzzi’s. You might also be entitled to take the pleasures of complimentary food, drinks, newspaper and etc. The gatekeeper might as well take you to the local areas for sightseeing and give you information regarding the places.
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Pool in hotel – image by discoverlosangeles.com

In a motel, you might not get all the above mentioned amenities as it is more practical and charges less. Motels are mostly hired by travelers for few hours of stay. Breakfast and Internet facilities are present in all motels. At the same time, most hotels charge on daily basis and not on each hour.

The next time you sit with your co-travelers to decide your accommodation, firstly note down your requirements.

Motels are able to serve most of the people. You have choice of choosing the services you require and pay accordingly. The charges are economical. If you want to enjoy a serene vacation with your family and/or friends in the outskirts of the city, away from the hubbub of the city, then motels would be an ideal choice.


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