What Is The Technology Behind E-Cigs


E-cigs, also known as smokeless cigarettes, replicate the traditional experience of smoking, sans much harm. To understand how E-Cigs lead to a smoke-free life, it is important to know the technology behind the same. Here’s how they work:


E-cigs are battery run tubes. This simply means that the battery is the most important component of an E-Cig!

The battery is the most important component of an E-Cig – image by wikipedia.org

When the battery does run out, you have the following charging options—

  • USB
  • Wall adapter
  • Car charger

The battery, often referred to as the personal vaporized or PV, supplies the required power to the atomizer. As soon as the latter gets heated up, a flavored liquid is converted into mist. These batteries come in an array of varieties. You can choose from a range of sizes, lengths, feel, look, voltage and wattage.

Battery of ecig – image by blog.co.uk

The advanced versions in fact, come with buttons, dials, and even screens. But regardless of these swanky features, they all pretty much have just one basic function—keeping the E-cig going.


An atomizer is basically the heating coil, often enclosed within the cartridge. As soon as there is appropriate heat within the chamber, the flavored liquid is converted into mist. This is a very small and shallow part, with its functioning depending entirely upon the battery.

E Cig atomizer – image by aspire.com

There may be times when you would want to vape up dry smoke. An atomizer comes handy just then! You only need to put a few drops of the liquid, and see it turning into a ‘dripping atomizer’. Of course, this method is a little cumbersome. Because you would be required to refill each time the atomizer runs out of the poured liquid.


These are the cartridges, built with a poly-fil type of a material. It is within these cartridges that an atomizer rests. Available in a variety of sizes, design, and types, the cartridges are filled with the liquid, until the poly-fil shimmers, looking similar to a snowy cone.

Atomizer vs clearomizer vs cartomizer

You now simply need to attach the drip tip and you will be ready to vape.

Since cartomizers hold little juice at each vaping session, these need to be refilled every now and then. Alternatively, you can ‘punch’ or ‘slot’ the part by drilling tiny holes or slots on the sides and insert the cartomizer into a tank of liquid. This allows for longer sessions.

Drip tips 

Basically, drip tips are used to customize the look and feel of the E-Cig.  These are the mouth-pieces that are attached to atomizers or cartomizers.

E Cig drip tips – image by vapechinhhang.com

Drip tips are either made of plastic or rubber. The market also offers ceramic, stainless steel and a variety of other materials. These are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Every drip tip comes with an o-ring at the bottom. This ensures that it is sealed properly.

Drip tip and o ring – image by 3fvape.com

If you come to look at it, the technology behind an E-Cig has a much broader purpose: it is a better alternative to traditional smoking. Result: a smoke-free life we all deserve!


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