What is Whipped Cream? Easiest way to make whipped cream at home

whipped cream la gi

Whipped cream is one of the most delectable toppings that are often used on top of cakes, pies, hot chocolates, ice creams and several other deserts. A perfect desert condiment, it is liked for its sweet and creamy taste that enhances the flavor of any desert to which it is added.

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Did you really love its flavor the last time you had it in a restaurant? Well, you can actually make whipped cream yourself and savor it. Easy to prepare, it does not require many ingredients and gets ready within short time. So, why to spend high price for buying it from a store? Let’s make it and relish it.

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How to make

Take some amount of fresh cream, derived from cow milk. Now add some sugar and some vanilla to the cream as per your taste.

Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe  of
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Place the mixture in a bowl and start beating it in an electric mixer. Beat it on medium-high and continue to beat it till the whipped cream becomes finer. You can increase the speed of the mixture as it turns firmer. However, be careful not to over whip the mixture because then it will turn out to be something more of a butter than a whipped cream.

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While beating the mixture you can go on to add some special ingredients to give distinct flavor to your whipped cream. For instance, you can add some cocoa, some more vanilla etc.

Once the mixture becomes finely thick and smooth, you can switch off the mixer and place the whipped cream in a bowl. Cover it with a silver or plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator. You can later use it as and when required.

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Whipped cream is basically two types. One is light whipped cream with lesser percent of fat content and the other one is heavy whipping cream with greater fat content. As per your preference you can prepare either of the two.

Whipped cream is basically two types

The only difference in the making of the two is the type of cream you use. If you use more fatty cream, you are likely to get heavy whipping cream and if you go for a cream with lesser fat, then you will get light whipped cream.

Tip for Health Conscious People

If you are worried about the calories that you may gain from the whipped cream, you really don’t need to bother. You can always substitute a heavy cream with evaporated milk. The result will be better if you store the milk in refrigerator and allow it to cool for some hours. Later place it in a bowl and allow it to freeze for nearly half an hour.

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Why go for Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is one of the most popular desert condiments that are used extensively to make desert items more delicious and attractive.

Whipped cream is cool and smooth. It creates a good mix with a hot food or cold drink

homemade whipped cream  ways
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It adds a distinct sweet milkiness to the food or drink, thus enhancing its flavor.

It adds a fine texture to a food or drink that makes the desert worth savoring.


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