What is a Pallet Racking Storage System?

What is a Pallet Racking Storage System?

Are you looking for a storage system for your pallets? Do you use pallets for your home business or at your workplace? Are you tired of the danger zone you walk into every time you enter the room where you currently store your pallets?

If you are looking for a safer, more efficient, and more economical way to store the wooden pallets at your home or at your workplace, then you could benefit from a pallet racking storage system.

Pallet racking storage system is safer, more efficient, and more economical way to store pallet – image by readyrack.net.au

Pallet racking is the name of a specific storage system that uses girders to secure pallets filled with canned goods, boxes, and other items. You can place the pallets one on top of the other in order to store them and stack them safely and securely.
Pallet racking storage systems come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some are designed for stacking many pallets on top of one another, while others are designed for shorter stacks.

Surveying Your Needs   

Before you begin looking for a pallet racking system, try to determine exactly what your storage needs are at your home or workplace. Where will you put the pallet racking system? How tall can you stack your pallets within the storage area? How often will you need to remove and restack the pallets in the storage area?

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These questions will help you better determine what kind of pallet racking system you need. For example, if you plan to take the pallets off of the racking system frequently, then you probably do not want to stack the pallets higher than you are tall. Otherwise, you will have to use a step stool or a taller person in order to take the top pallet off the stack.

Installing the Pallet Racking System

Survey your storage area to determine whether it can accommodate a pallet racking system. You might want to measure the length, width, and height of the room and write those measurements on a piece of paper. Take these measurements with you to the home construction store in order ensure that you select a system that fits our space.
Purchase a set of girders that are make to work together so that you can stack pallets on top of one another in your storage space.

Installing the Pallet Racking System

In addition to a pallet racking system that allows you to stack pallets one on top of the other, you also can consider a system that of multiple tiers so that you can stack the pallets behind one another.

Finally, you can consider a selective pallet racking storage system. In this system, the girder system allows all of the pallets to be stored individually, one beside the other. Then, you can take down the pallets individually instead of taking apart the whole stack to get to a pallet on the bottom of the stack, for example.


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