What is going to happen when you go for an eye test?


The regular eye tests are not only very important for the comfortable and clear vision of your eyes but through an eye test the optometrist can even detect if there are any indicators that can lead them to think you may have other medical conditions you need to pay attention to. The eye tests for every individual are various as the optometrist decides which of the examinations are suitable for your eye condition. Below is a list of the steps that are involved in the eye tests that are done at the optician’s cabinet.

The first and most important step is to gain the courage to visit the optician. Once you are there, your record will get updated but will be at all times kept confidential. Before the test, you will need to remove your contact lenses if you are wearing any. Once you are ready to be tested you may experience the following different eye tests.

Non-contact tonometer

Non-contact tonometer. Image by opticianonline.net

With the help of this instrument the assistant of the optometrist will blow small puffs of air in each of your eyes. The air that bounces back will give a clear reading of the pressure that is inside the eyes. It is important to go through this test because very high pressure could be an indicator of glaucoma, which is a serious threat to the vision.


This is one of the most commonly used tools for eye tests as through this tool, the optometrist gets a reading of how your eyes focus and it also prints out a prescription that aids the optometrist to make their final decision on your condition.

Talk about your lifestyle and health

Talk about your lifestyle and health. Image by femina.in

The specialist will certainly ask questions about your lifestyle and health, about your job and even questions about the eyesight history of your family as those are factors contributing to the health of your eyes. It is of huge importance to answer all questions correctly and to point out any discomforts you may have with your eyes.

Test chart

The test chart is probably the most commonly known and used method during eye tests. We have all been through it at some stage in our lives. At school this is how children are quickly tested on a regular basis. The test is performed under the supervision of the optometrist as they will ask you to read from the chart through lenses with different strength in order to detect if there is anything to worry about. The eyes are tested separately and then together.

  1. Ophthalmoscope

Ophthalmoscope. Image by usamedicalsurgical.com

This instrument is used to aid the optometrist to examine the retina that is located at the back of the eye, the front part of the optic nerve and the blood vessels. The test is normally a good indicator of any diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes. The tests is performed by the optometrist and it is slightly unpleasant as he/she will shine each eye with a very bright light, which after the test might affect your vision a little but will not cause discomfort for long.

Oxo Box

For this test you will need to focus on an oxo box and answer if whatever lines you see are horizontal or vertical. This will indicate the good performance of your eyes together and is a very important test since if your eyes are coordinated that will mean better and clearer vision.

Testing the way you focus

medical eye exam georgia
The optometrist will test the way you focus on objects that are close and far. Image by navicenthealth.org

This is a commonly used test to check your reading and distance vision. The optometrist will test the way you focus on objects that are close and far.

Once you are done with the eye tests, you will need to sit down and discuss with the optometrist what your needs are. He/she will explain in detail what condition you may have and the correct way to treat it. He/she will explain what glasses you may need to wear and would recommend what the best options are. The next thing you will need to do if you are prescribed glasses is to choose them. There are many companies that offer different quality lenses and frames but the best you can do is to follow the advice of your optometrist and rely on well-known brands.


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