What is Wicca? History of Wiccan Magic


Wicca is Earth magic. It rejoices and cheers the spirits of the natural world. This religion was born in the hearts of people who loved and valued the enigma of life.

Since the earliest of times, people have gathered secrets from nature, and have used those secrets to heal, save from harm, grow and prosper.

There have been people who have tried to destroy this ancient craft, but Wicca has been preserved in the hearts of people who believe that magic exists everywhere.

History of Wicca

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Most Wiccans track their roots to the Celtic tribes in northern Europe. Among these people, a strong sect surfaced which worshipped the sun. These people are known as the Druids. Another section of the Celts worshipped the moon. These people are the early ancestors of today’s Wiccans.

Over a period of time, various civilizations developed. Each cult held diverse religious beliefs and their faiths started to clash with one another. People viciously fought off those who held old Wiccan ideas. Those following Wiccan traditions were called Pagans and were brutally tortured, burned or killed.

Despite the terrible discrimination, Wicca continued to exist. The great wisdom and faith that was discovered by the ancient people, has been passed on secretly, and today, Wicca is alive in the hearts of many.

Wiccan Magic

How to Use Wiccan Magic | Wicca. Image by youtube.com

Magic forms the basis of Wicca. For Wiccans, magic is a way of cooperating with the enigmatic and mysterious nature. There are many elements at work in the magic of Wicca. These include : communication with the spirits of nature, creating rituals and casting spells and charms.

  • The ability to connect and commune with the spirits of the nature develops gradually with practice, patience and understanding.
  • A ritual is an action that is performed with the intent of communicating with the spirits of nature.
  • Spells in magic, call out to the various spirits to ask for a blessing, for protection, for good health, prosperity or love. A simple spell or enchantment would involve talking to the wind, using a bell, using the magical properties of herbs, wearing an amulet or burning incense. There are various spells and charms. One could use a fire spell, a water spell, an earth spell or an air spell to bring about change.

The ways of Wicca are delightful and charming. Get in touch with Wicca through love, affection and respect. Learn to pay attention to nature. The Earth possesses many secrets in her bosom. These secrets are whispered to those who listen.


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