Iowa Alumni Magazine | December 2004 | Reviews

Christmas on the Great Plains, edited by Dorothy Dodge Robbins and Kenneth Robbins

By Tina Owen
Book Cover

As winter draws in with snow, ice, and plummeting temperatures, it’s the perfect time to snuggle up in a cozy chair with a good book. With its collection of classic and modern holiday stories, Christmas On the Great Plains will remind you of the warmth that can infuse this special season.

The stories chart the usual highs and lows of Christmas: family reunions and tiffs; twinkling lights and snowbound isolation; stuffed turkey and lutefisk; old traditions and new uncertainties; camaraderie and loneliness.

Offering up their literary gifts are regional authors such as Paul Engle, 32MA, Willa Cather, Mary Swander, 73BA, 76MFA, and Jane Smiley, 75MA, 76MFA, 78PhD. As co-editor Dorothy Dodge Robbins notes, “These authors suggest that…
separations created by geographical, generational, or spiritual divides can be bridged this time of year.”

And how better to start mending bridges than with the gift of a good book.