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Session 1 Class Full - Please call 335-3296 to be added to the wait list.
A Tour through the World of Wine

Session 2
May You Live in Interesting Times! 1875-1925: Dramatic Change in Geopolitics and Music Composition from Wagner to Shostakovich

Session 3 Class Full - Please call 335-3296 to be added to the wait list.
Mental Health Issues in Aging Populations

Session 4 Class Full - Please call 335-3296 to be added to the wait list.
The Archaeology of Palestine: Scratching the Surface in the Holy Land

Session 5
Public Affairs Reflections and Current Political Insights

Session 6
International Literature at the University of Iowa

Session 7
Is There a Brain Area for Fear?

Session 8
Caring for Archival Collections

Session 9
Markets, Governments, Power and Knowledge

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Peggy Houston, Chair


Clai Dungy

Bea Furner

Judy Hendershot

H. Dee Hoover

Al Hood

Lola Lopes

Val Lembke

Nancy Williams

Larry Wilson

Sharon Scheib

Trudi Rosazza


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