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Fall Sessions

SESSION 1*Registration has ended for this session*
Charles Dickens' Great Expectations: The Crime of Being Too Young

SESSION 2 *Session is Full*
Four Big Unsolved Problems in Astrophysics

SESSION 3 *Session is Full*
May You Live in Interesting Times: The Age of Enlightenment (The Music of 1650-1800)

SESSION 4 *Registration has ended for this session*
Reflecting on Origins: Genesis 1-50 and Its Biblical Disclosures

SESSION 5 *Registration has ended for this session*
Don Quixote

SESSION 6 *Session is Full*
The Art of Opera

SESSION 7 *Session is Full*
International Literature at the University of Iowa

SESSION 8 *Session is Full*
Critical Thought as Applied to False Flags

SESSION 9 *Session is Full*
The Problems of the U.S. Presidential Election System in Comparative Perspective

Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Your Eyes in Health and Disease

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Claibourne Dungy

Bea Furner

Kelley Donham

H. Dee Hoover

Al Hood

George Johnson

Lola Lopes

Val Lembke

Trudie Rosazza

Nancy Williams

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