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Fall Sessions

SESSION 1 *Session is Closed*
How Physicians Affected the Course of Musical History

SESSION 2 *Session is Closed*
Crime as Punishment: Ecclesiastical and Judicial Intersections in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment

SESSION 3 *Session is Closed*
Climate Change and Water Sustainability

SESSION 4 *Session is Closed*
A Century of German Immigration to Iowa, 1848-1948: From Embrace to Backlash (and Back?)

SESSION 5 *Session is Closed*
Cancer Epidemiology, Prevention, and Control in Iowa

SESSION 6 *Class has been Cancelled*
Zoonoses: Infectious Diseases We Share with Animals

SESSION 7 *Session is Closed*
International Literature at the University of Iowa

SESSION 8 *Session is Closed*
World War I from the Soldiers' Point of View

SESSION 9 *Session is Closed*
Presidential Politics and the Role of the Iowa Caucuses

SESSION 10 *Session is Closed*
Exploring the Ballets of George Balanchine

SESSION 11 *Session is Closed*
American Fiction Interprets American History: Ragtime and The Plot Against America

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