Adventureland in Des Moines, Iowa – A Place Full of Fun

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Adventureland in Des Moines, Iowa may not be the biggest amusement park, but it is still full on big fun.

There is a thrill ride for all sizes at Adventureland. The Dragon has two loops. The Outlaw is a fast wooden rollercoaster. Another wooden rollercoaster is the Tornado. The minimum height for these thrill seeking rides is forty-two inches. For those over 48 inches, you may enjoy being turned upside down on the Inverter. For anyone over 52 inches tall, there are even more thrill rides.

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The Splash Over turns you upside down over a huge fountain. Or you can take a swing on the Sidewinder. Maybe you will want to touch the sky on the Space Shot.

If you are looking for family fun, there is plenty of rides for that, too. The Sawmill Splash is a family favorite where you are taken up in a big raft and sent down to splash. It always seems to make everyone laugh.

The Sawmill Splash

For more wet fun, you may want to try the Raging River, the Log Flume or Kokomo Kove. Kokomo Kove is a water park with slides and splash features. There are also rides for the little ones throughout Adventureland.

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There is plenty of entertainment at Adventureland. A fairground area has fair type games of chance and skill. There are some games that everyone is a winner. An arcade is in the lighthouse with skeeball and traditional arcade games. Adventureland normally has a great place to cool off which is its bingo parlor. However, it was destroyed during the fire last year. They said it will be back soon.

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My favorite place to eat when visiting Adventureland is the Iowa Café. It has great meals at reasonable prices. They are suppose to be adding a salad bar soon to the café. It is also inside to get a break from the heat.

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Also to cool off, you may want to try a frosted lemonade or some ice cream from the Cone Shop. There are lots of choices in places to eat throughout the park. So no matter what you are in the mood for, you will be able to find something at Adventureland to satisfy you.

Adventureland is very affordable. General admission is only $35, kids are $30. The parking is only $5. With such great rates, Adventureland is a great place to visit with your entire family.


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