Copy Me Millionaire: What is the point in a squeeze page?

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I’m going to show you a massive secret about how to double your list, and the truth is that it is really simple. Lots of people start putting a mailing list into place because they think that it’s easy, but without the right knowledge it’s not so. Now yes we could use the help of others and buy a product that can help us make a list and manage it such as Copy Me Millionaire, but ensure you check out a review first because many of these products aren’t all that good.


Where Do We Begin With Email Marketing

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First idea before you do anything is you need to find an email marketing platform, or check with your host if your server can handle this. You should be aware that if you’re on shared or reseller hosting, chances are it won’t do, and it will have to be VPS or dedicated.
Ok, so if you have checked with your host and they refuse you, do not fear you can try Aweber, Mailchimp or iContact for starters. I take advantage of Aweber, I find it is easiest to begin and get started with but it really is a personal choice.

For this article I’m going to assume we are all on the Aweber Platform.

Getting Started With Aweber

Aweber takes the sting from having to create a database to handle the list, saves you having to install spam protection tools and also it uses their server resources to deliver the mail, and now we are already ahead there.

After you log in to Aweber for the first time the system actually takes you through a few steps to help you build your first mailing list, follow these and your list will be ready quickly.

What Is A Squeeze Page?

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In simple terms it is a landing page for your list; it’s your chance to turn a visitor into a subscriber. Now online marketers do that in a number of ways. They make sure their text sticks out to grab the attention of the user, and the language they use helps grab the visitor as well.

So what else can improve your Squeeze Page conversions, well you could add a video these are great to grab people’s attention in the heat of the moment, or maybe a few testimonials just always be sure to remember to get the persons permission first.

Integrating The Form Code With Your Squeeze Page!

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Now once you reach the end of the Aweber wizard you will be offered a few options on how to get your forms seen, pick the “Raw HTML” and copy this into your squeeze page html file. It is possible to open a Html document for editing by using notepad or another code editor. Paste the code where the form has to go, I advise you to change the button as Aweber’s aren’t the most eye catching. That’s you away! You can observe my squeeze page here.

Add Value, and They Will Join!

So you have that ace squeeze page with a killer video and a pleasing button, but sometimes people like a freebie and we should give them it. One important thing your subscribers love is value and providing them with this from the word go will definitely work in your favour. Listed below are some freebies you could offer:


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