Connecticut Liposuction: What Is It Really All About?

What Is The Difference Between Liposuction And Tummy Tuck

Anyone dreams of having this fit, sexy and toned body. We all want a leaner and toned stomach area and curvaceous thighs and legs. Women, most especially, are conscious of their curves, and always desire to at least maintain a whistle-worthy physique. However, not everyone is gifted with a desirable body. Majority of us these days struggle with our weight mainly because we lack exercise and lead unhealthy lifestyles. It’s a good thing that with our advanced technology these days, we still have the chance to achieve that figure we have always dreamed of.

For somebody who has flabby and fatty arms, legs and tummy, that can be easily remedied with a Connecticut liposuction. What is a Connecticut liposuction? Basically, it is this procedure that gets rid of excess fats by targeting fat cells. One has the option of having this performed on any part of the body that needs sculpting or contouring. Want to have toned arms and legs? That can be yours with the help of a Connecticut liposuction. Say goodbye to unwanted fats in your stomach area by submitting yourself to this operation that doesn’t even take half a day!

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nyone dreams of having this fit, sexy and toned body. Image by

How does Connecticut liposuction work? Generally, the surgeon makes some small incisions in the area you want to work on and “vacuums” the fat cells. It literally suctions the fats out of your body. Say, you’d want to remove the fats on your stomach. The surgeon makes marks on the specific areas where fat deposits accumulate and concentrates in those parts. The procedure takes two to three hours and after that, you’re required to stay in the hospital to recover at least overnight. This ensures that everything is going well before they let you go home. Sounds easy breezy, right?

Aside from this traditional liposuction process, another technique has been introduced and it is called the “tumescent technique.” The tumescent technique uses a saline solution and local anesthesia to make the affected area swollen, allowing the fat cells to be separated from the other tissues and muscles. Then a tube referred to as a cannula is inserted into the incision made in the specific area. A vacuum pump is connected to the cannula through a flexible tube and that’s how the fat cells are removed from the body part. This new technique actually eliminates more fat cells than the traditional liposuction and also minimizes blood loss and convalescence.

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For somebody who has flabby and fatty arms, legs and tummy, that can be easily remedied with a Connecticut liposuction. Image by

Whether you avail of the traditional Connecticut liposuction procedure or the more advanced tumescent technique, you’re assured of an effective and convenient way to shed of unwanted fats. But please take note that liposuction alone won’t completely work if you’d continue being lazy and eating unhealthy food. Liposuction is best paired with a healthy diet and exercise. This is the best combination.

So what are you waiting for? You may call the Westport clinic and inquire about the Connecticut liposuction or visit them personally so you can have yourself checked already. It doesn’t get better or simpler than this.


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