Bum Marketing-What Is it?

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Bum Marketing-What Is it?

Bum Marketing is an easy and effective way to start internet marketing. Most newbie affiliate marketers start out this way and we’ll cover a bit more about Bum Marketing in this post. What is Bum Marketing and how can I use it the right way!

Bum Marketing

The Essentials….

Bum Marketing is a technique that works best for people who are new to Internet Marketing and who want to earn as much as they can as fast as they can without having to invest any funds of their own. Just writing a few articles and publishing them strategically on a regular basis can help you send targeted traffic to your affiliate offers and make more money. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will help you maximize your earning potential with bum marketing. Individuals will hopefully know more about article marketing reading this.

Become SEO Smart: If your ultimate goal is to rank your articles highly and produce a very effective bum marketing campaign, then you must
become knowledgeable about search engine optimization. The only traffic that you are attempting to obtain when you utilize bum marketing is search engine traffic. Without it, it will be extremely hard to get your posted articles seen.

bum marketing
Bum Marketing. Image by bentleymagictouchnet.wordpress.com

So if you do not know anything about search engine optimization and the core concepts, then get an understanding so that you are not lost. You do not have to know everything about it in order to get started in bum marketing. A bit of knowledge will help you get on your feet. You can find a lot of information about search engine optimization on the internet. Most of it is about more than just the principles. You can even get a couple of eBooks for free that were created by search engine optimization professionals.

Go Beyond Article Directories: Bum marketing isn’t just about publishing your articles in directories; if you do this you are going to be putting limits on your success. There are a lot of different options available to you like making your own blog pages or building some HubPages. These are also authority sites that are trusted and liked by Google and the other major search engines, which is why targeting them would be a good idea to improve your ranking for your targeted keywords.

Join Hubpages
There are a lot of different options available to you like making your own blog pages or building some HubPages. Image by growtraffic.com

Sales are your primary goal as you put together your bum marketing campaign and if you can go beyond the article directories, you will have a better chance of ranking highly (maybe even the front page of the search results) and that means that you should be able to make more money and get more sales.

Build a Blog: if you are creating a lot of content for your bum marketing campaign, doesn’t it make sense to build a blog to help you get more use out of your work? You do not even need to create a blog that uses your own domain name; just get one of the free ones that is offered by Blogger or WordPress.com.

You can build lots of blogs in lots of niches when you use bum marketing and build your own blogging empire. The best part about this is that you’ll have the upper hand with search engine rankings because the search engines love blogs. This is a great way to get more traffic because feeding the content to your blogs on a regular basis works just as well as feeding content to article directories. I’ve discovered these pointers to become beneficial before choosing items like Easy ProfitBot.

Article Marketing-Is It Dead

Get Links With Article Marketing

Get Links With Article Marketing. Image by teknopk.com

Surely, having articles submitted in link to your site, you must not leave to oblivion the content aspect of the article.

Another great reason to do this, is that if your articles prove to be useful for those who read them, then you will actually start getting a reputation on the article directories you use. Being a writer that people start considering good, will only benefit any site you are promoting, because people will know that the information you provide is useful/interesting/entertaining, so they are more likely to actually follow the links you are suggesting in your article.
Exactly the opposite happens if you write meaningless or (even worse) badly written articles. People will find little or no credibility in your article, so they won’t bother in clicking on whatever you mention.

When you have submitted an article, you also want it to be indexed by Google, and even better, to make it have a good PR. Just because your article was submitted to a high PR article directory, it doesn’t mean that YOUR article will have a high PR as well. But I will give you a little trick to improve this.

The first thing you can do, in order to index your article, is adding social bookmarks to it in pages such as delicious, stumbleupon, etc. This will help Google finding your content and getting them indexed. Another cool and effective thing you can do for the article to increase PR quickly is to back link the article, basicall, back linking your back links and it does work.

contextual backlinks
Backlinks. Image by backlinko.com

If you are planning to boost your article directory links, the best approach you can take for that is to increase little by little the number of articles you submit. For example, if you usually submit 10 new article directory links every week, then next week submit, for example, 20, then next week submit 25, and so on, because if out of nowhere you start getting a lot more article directory links, this will appear suspicious to Google and your site can be penalized.

As final thought, don’t forget to follow the rules of any article directory you are using for placing your articles. The rules set out by the article directories are there for good reason; they help to ensure their reputation with Google and keeping their PR high.. Without this sort of rules, most of the articles would be filled with self-promoting links, useless and poor content material, spelling mistakes, and a complete chaos, so we all are doing better with the rules right where they are, and we can keep on getting our article directory links, along with human friendly content.


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