Botox Or Anti Wrinkle Cream- What Is The Difference?

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In the morning, the first thing you probably do is check yourself out in the mirror and probably feel a mild wave of panic as you discover a few new lines and wrinkles that were not there the night before. The signs of aging, it’s amazing how they creep up on us overnight. If this is you, do not despair. There are solutions for this normal part of life. Either you can purchase an anti wrinkle cream or there is Botox. However, what is the difference between the two? And, can a simple cream compete with Botox treatments? Yes, it is possible and depends largely on your preference of treatment.

What is Botox? 

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Botulinum toxin which is commonly called Botox is a type of protein that is used in certain cosmetic treatments. The concept of Botox was scary for some when it first came out because it was feared to be harmful. As Botox became a more common place treatment and the product and manufacturer provided a great safety track record that ensured quality, the fears were quickly eased. Botox is approved by the FDA and is a very common way to treat frown lines in the forehead, smile lines, and crows feet.

A Botox treatment is administered by injecting a carefully measured amount of Botox into the muscle that is causing the lines or wrinkles. The correct amount of Botox must be provided because too much Botox will cause the face to become expressionless and too little will not be very effective. If the treatment is administered correctly it can last up to four months and you would only have to have one treatment to eliminate the lines and wrinkles.

And what about anti wrinkle creams? 

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Topical anti wrinkle creams work by applying them to the skin which will allow them to be absorbed and then new collagen will grow. There are dozens of different creams on the market and they can be an effective option for treatment of lines and wrinkles. However, for best results they should always be used under a doctor’s supervision. If the right anti wrinkle cream is used on a regular basis, it will allow new collagen to form and will fix all those aging signs we call wrinkles and lines.

Both Botox and anti wrinkle creams have their place 

Both Botox and anti wrinkle creams have their place. Image by

Although both types of treatments are a great option and can be highly effective, each tackles the problem somewhat differently. Botox is an internal treatment that will diminish lines and wrinkles. An anti wrinkle cream works externally and is absorbed into the skin which will allow new collagen to grow and will fill out the lines and increase the tightness of skin which will give a better appearance.

A health care professional should be sought before either treatment is undergone, in order to find the best treatment option for you.


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