The Historic Hotel Julien in Dubuque, Iowa is a Nice Stay


My husband and I recently drove about 200 miles just to have a nights stay in the Historic Hotel Julien in downtown Dubuque, Iowa. It was a pleasant drive along the Mississippi River but our main goal was to see the Historic Hotel Julien.

As we approached Dubuque, Iowa I could see that it was bigger then I expected yet the traffic was not too bad to drive in.

The hotel is outstanding – image by

We had an easy time locating the Hotel and found it has a lovely parking lot that sits across the street from the front door to the hotel with easy access. Our room was on the 8th floor and we could see our car from the large windows. A great view of the hills in Dubuque entertained us as it started to get dark and lights from businesses and houses started to turn on.

Dubuque at night – image by

The room was a suite with two very large rooms with high ceilings, a large bathroom and 2 television sets just in case we could not get along on what to watch. Everything was very clean and orderly and the room had a coffee maker for us to use.

Capone Suite Master Bedroom
A suite room – image by

We ate dinner at Caroline’s restaurant which is right in the Hotel and took a swim in the very large pool. We did not venture out of our hotel much since there was so much to look at and enjoy right in our building. The furniture was elegant and luxurious yet comfortable at the same time and we could feel the history as we roamed around the Hotel.

Caroline’s restaurant at The Historic Hotel Julien – image by

As we walked around the Hotel all the staff was friendly and helpful. Everything was very clean and well cared for. A large staircase goes up to higher floors from the lobby but you can also use the elevator if you don’t feel like the hike up.

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A large staircase goes up to higher floors from the lobby – image by

The history of the Hotel Julien goes back to 1939 when travelers going west crossed the Mississippi River to find the Julien Hotel. It has changed over the years but is currently being renovated to an early time. Many famous people including Al Capone have stayed there making it a landmark.

The Hotel Julien is at 200 Main Street and it sits so close to the Mississippi River that you can walk to it. A large bridge can be seen and the cities lights are a comfort at night. 

Hotel Julien Dubuque
The Hotel Julien is at 200 Main Street – image by



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