Little Brown Church in Nashua, Iowa – A Great Place to Get Married


A big wedding isn’t for everyone but still you may want to have a church wedding. The Little Brown Church In the Vale in Nashua , Iowa is a spectacular place to go if you are eloping or planning a small wedding.

Nashua , Iowa is located in the north east corner of the state of Iowa . People come from all over the United States to get married there and every year on the first weekend in August the Little Brown Church has a celebration for all the people who were married there.

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My husband and I wanted to elope yet we wanted to have a nice wedding so we went to Hampton , Iowa to the Chickasaw County Court House and picked up a marriage license. Then we went the rest of the way to the Little Brown Church in the Vale to get married. We had made a reservation for our wedding before hand and we were able to get there in plenty of time.

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I brought along a cake to share with the pastor and witnesses. We did not take our own witnesses with us since we didn’t want anyone else to know what we were doing. My Dad knew about it though since he caught my husband putting a ladder up to my window at 3:00am .

The pastor was able to call a neighbor who was glad to be a witness for us. The pastor’s wife was our other witness.

It was our first time inside this lovely church. To the left as we walked in there was a display with some souvenirs. These did not cost much so I don’t think the church makes any money from them but they are nice keepsakes for the bride and groom who are getting married. We bought a church bank that looked like the Little Brown Church.

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Our ceremony was just what we wanted. We were very nervous since we had only dated for 4 weeks when we decided to do this very important step in our lives. That was 27 years ago and we are still together. It has worked for us but I don’t recommend it for everyone.

We hadn’t planned our wedding very much since we didn’t have much time but it was very nice and the Little Brown Church specializes in weddings so they are all ready for one when it pops up.

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The Little Brown Church In the Vale is the church that the popular song is written for. It has over a 90% success rate for all the people that get married there. If you would like to know more about the Little Brown Church In the Vale In Nashua, Iowa you can go to


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