How to Complete the University of Iowa Admissions Process

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The University of Iowa admissions process can be gratifying for prospective students. Over 15,000 prospective students apply every year hoping for the opportunity to be a Hawkeye. The University of Iowa admissions is somewhat less competitive than other public institutions with annual acceptance rate of about 83% each year.

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The applications process begins long before you fill application forms. The process starts when you first look to see what the school offers.

Determine if the University of Iowa offers what you are looking for

Whether you dreamed about attending the University of Iowa your whole life or you like the school colors, make sure that the University of Iowa offers the degree programs, student life or financial aid you are looking for.

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The University of Iowa offers many degrees programs spanning disciplines in business, liberal arts, education, nursing, and sciences. The University of Iowa has a student body of about 18,000 full time undergraduate students that most of which live on or near campus. Financial aid is available based on need.

Make sure you have the prerequisites

You should make sure that you meet the minimum prerequisites for admissions. Unlike most colleges the University of Iowa uses the Regent Admissions Index (RAI) to screen applicants. State of Iowa residents require a score of 245 and out of state applicant require a score of 255 or higher. For a description of how to calculate your school, go to

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Half of the SAT scores for incoming freshman last year was between 1060 and 1330. Approximately 58% of the incoming students had a high school GPA of 3.5 or better. If your SAT scores and GPA can compete with other applicants then you can prepare your application.

Complete your application checklist 

Visit the University of Iowa admissions website for a complete description of the application requirements. University of Iowa application has several components including an application, $40 application fee, SAT scores or ACT scores, and high school transcripts. Application can be submitted online or through regular mail.

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Submit all the requirements PRIOR to the deadline. The earlier the better! 

Be sure to meet all University of Iowa admissions deadlines. The deadline for regular admission is April 1st. The University of Iowa does not offer priority or early action for admissions. You should receive you decision after five weeks. Submit your application sooner rather than later because the University of Iowa admissions is rolling where applications are reviewed as they are submitted.

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All schools have different deadlines. The University of Iowa deadline is relatively later than deadlines for other colleges and universities. Prioritize your applications based on when they are due.



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