What is Time? What is the Big Bang?

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Have you ever wondered what time is or how the big bang might have happened? Maybe you can find out?

Time. A mysterious power which many of us want to hold. One of the biggest mysteries of science there is but do we know what time is?

For years people have been ever so confused on how there might be no start to existence and wondering… how could there be no start to time, everything must start with something, like which came first the chicken or the egg. A single thing which scientists don’t know the answer to.

First thing to start to view:   What is Time?

Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking. Image by vi.wikipedia.org

Many people believe that time is just the thing that moves along with us, giving seconds and and years. But now people are starting to get a different view of what time is. Stephen Hawking, one of the worlds most known theoretical physicist came up with a amazing theory of what time could really be and how it works within our universe. Hawking descirbed time as a fabric which all the planets and stars in the universe rest on. This fabric is also believed in this theory to cause solar orbits. It can be seen like this:

Think that you have a large sheet of rubber infront of you (rubber which will represent time) and then you place a heavy spherical object and place it right in the middle. What you would see is the object bending the rubber downward. This big spherical object is representing the Sun. If you were to get a ping-pong ball and make it move within the bend the sun is making, it will move around it is the orbital position many of the planets in our solar system make. The size of the object in space will have different bends on time.

What is Time? What is the Big Bang?
Big Bang Theory shock. Image by express.co.uk

So in hawking theory, time could be making our planet spin round in an orbit. It could also be the reason for gravity being in existance.

Now how does, time and the big bang theoretically come together. Well another of hawkings theories could explain the answer. Hawking had come up with the theory that you have just read. Now what do you think would happen if the star exploded. It certain cases it’ll just turn into a white dwarf, but in some cases can turn into a black hole. Hawking believes that black holes are created by the sudden mass changes from a red giant to a dead star can have a large effect on time. With the increasing bending and turning time has to face with becasue of the alternating mass of the star could make the material rip… making a hole. A black hole. A black hole is beleived to be a gap in time and space where absolutly everything gets suked into it and destoryed.

We believe that the big bang came out of no where and suddenly gave us matter. What Hawking believes is that somewhere in another universe a black hole was created. When all types of matter came into the balck hole, the black hole trasported them through time and space to this universe. Matter could have just popped up here in a bang from the exit from another universes black hole. Maybe loads of universes with black holes could have given us lots of matter for our universe to create.

CMB Timeline no WMAP
Hawking theory. Image by pbs.org

Its an amazing theory that hawking had come up with though the question is still, how was matter created, there are many possible theories of how matter is created but I’m not going into that.

Hopefully you understand a new theory of what time is and how the big bang might have been created, and where matter may have come from. Remember, these are not true facts, these are theories. You blelieve in wheat you want in how the universe was created. This is just another way of seeing it.

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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