The Basic Guide to Feng Shui – What it is & How it Helps You


Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement and arrangement that observes and alters the flow of natural energy through a physical environment. The goal of Feng Shui is to have energy flowing in an easy and balanced manner. This good flow of energy enhances the health and wellness of anyone who encounters the environment, be it a bedroom, a house, an office, or an entire campus of buildings.

The goal of Feng Shui is to have energy flowing in an easy and balanced manner – image by

Chi is the name of the energy and it is the flow of chi that Feng Fhui observes and alters. Ideally, chi should flow easily and gently – neither stagnant, nor rushing. If there is an area of your house or office that is a frequent site of problems, issues, or the wrong sort of behavior, ie, insomnia in the bedroom or being scatterbrained in the home office, it may be that the energy of that area is unbalanced.

Chi is the name of the energy and it is the flow of chi that Feng Shui observes and alters – image by

History of Feng Shui

For four thousand years, the Chinese have been observing the man-made environments in which we live and work and their effect on our health, prosperity and the state of all of our relationships. Feng Shui originated from the Taoist mindset which includes both Taoism as a philosophy, several martial arts, tai chi, and several forms of medicine and healing, including acupuncture.

Feng Shui originated from the Taoist mindset – image by

Anyone who is at least slightly sensitive to the energy of a space or person is likely to have an intuitive understanding of some of the guiding principles behind Feng Shui, and in particular the Black Hat tradition.

Tao: Everything is Interconnected

Everything really is interconnected, and this is perhaps the be-all end-all sticking point of Taoism itself, and it holds true throughout Feng Shui. Everything is interconnected; a change here has an effect there.

There is an interconnectedness between you and your space – this isn’t quite the same thing as saying you are your house, or office, or that it is you, but that the spaces in which you dwell effect you in more ways than may be obvious.

Everything is Interconnected – image by

The energy of our connectedness moves and flows around us at all times, and when we go into a place where that energy is drained, clogged, or encouraged to flow too quickly or too sharply, certain aspects of that connectedness may suffer and we may pay the consequences.

Feng Shui & Your Chi

Your house, if it is imbalanced, may play a role in some of your stuck relationships, in some of your health issues, in your inability to experience prosperity.

FengShui is very important in building house – image by

Admittedly, fixing the Feng Shui of your bedroom won’t do much for your marriage if you’re cheating on your spouse, and fixing the Feng Shui of the entire house won’t do much for your long term health if you refuse to get off the couch and stop smoking, but all of life is connected, and if you’re looking to change your life for the better, Feng Shui is a good place to start.


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