What is Baby Boomers? What are Baby Boomers’ Characteristics?


Some people get confused and think that a Boomer is a Senior just because we both wear reading glasses.  And, while there is a bit of overlap, most Boomers are not yet Seniors.  So, because I am the feature writer for the “Seattle Active Seniors Travel” section, I thought I would try to tell you kiddies a bit about what Baby Boomers are like.  It might help you relate to your parents or grandparents when they come to Seattle on their next visit.

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What is Baby Boomers?

I am a Boomer Chick. That’s what I like to call myself. I’m also a writer for several online magazines and one day I got a query: What is Baby Boomers? Good question. I “is” Baby Boomers. You “is” quite possibly a Baby Boomer, too, since you are here reading an article about “Senior” travel. Baby Boomers “is”, of course, anyone born between 1946 and 1964 (approximately), but really that is just a numerical answer.

Baby Boomers “is” anyone born between 1946 and 1964 -image by the mbaandrews.com

Baby Boomer characteristics

I would say that Baby Boomers are people who:

  • Remember when a candy bar was 5 cents.
  • Walked right into their best friend’s house without knocking.
  • Know what 45 rpm means.
  • Can look at a photo of Lurch and Ed Sullivan and tell you which is which.
Frank Sinatra and Ed Sullivan – image by pinterest.com
  • Know what a Pee Chee folder is.
  • Got up to change the channel.
  • Thought Kool-Aid was a food group.
  • Know how to play kick ball and hopscotch.
  • Would like to do The Pony, The Jerk, The Monkey, and The Hully Gully but are afraid they would never be able to get out of bed the next morning.
  • Slathered themselves with baby oil not SPF 30 sunscreen lotion.
Do you know Pee-chee folder?

Baby Boomers like to try new things

I can say that most Baby Boomers like to try new things. Here are some examples from my own life:

Baby Boomers clothing

  •  In 1965, when shopping for school clothes, I told my mother I would only wear miniskirts and I would never wear any skirt that came below my knees.
  • In 1975, I never wore anything except jeans, unless I was at work. And, I knew I looked terrible in miniskirts.
  • In 2005, I only wore long casual dresses that came to my mid calf or lower. And, I knew I looked terrible in jeans.
Baby boomers clothing – image by startsat60.com

Baby Boomer Trends

Because I think I’m a fairly typical Baby Boomer, and I understand baby boomer trending, I think I can say that most boomers:

  • Like to travel.
  • Remake themselves every 10 years.
  • Are able to move to a new area and can make transitions more easily than their elders.
  • Have lived through a lot of changes and are expecting to live through quite a few more.
Baby boomers have trends – image by hsm.com

It’s difficult to explain what “baby boomers is”. I can only go by my own life and feel sorry for people who “isn’t” baby boomers.


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