What is Toobeez? Unexpected benefits from this game

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What is Toobeez?

Developed in 2003, Toobeez is like a life size set of super Legos. A big toy for all ages, Toobeez isn’t just for kids.  This strategical thinking tool is often used by adults for team building exercises to bring groups together to use their minds to creatively solve puzzles and interesting situations. You can use Toobeez to create just about anything.

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Toobeez is a big toy for all ages, not only for kids – image by smartskills.com

How to use Toobeez

Toobeez comes in 57 piece sets with 4 different stick lengths that are used by connecting them to yellow plastic balls. Once they are locked into place, you can begin building all types of things like mazes, forts, hurdles, castles, obstacle courses, soccer goals, the possibilities are endless.

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Toobeez Play House – image by toobeez.com

The TOOBEEZ experience

Bringing people together, the Toobeez experience is more than just a toy, it develops relationships between people. No need to bring in an expensive motivational speaker or organize a lame scavenger hunt, Toobeez is the right product to build real leadership skills through teamwork, problem solving, group cooperation, and decision making.

What is Toobeez? Unexpected benefits from this game
Toobeez develops relationship between people – image by toobeez.com

You can have casual conversation with a person for years and never learn as much about them as you can in a single day with Toobeez.

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