What is Good Game Fashion and Where Can I Play It?

GoodGame Fashion

Good Game Studio is an online game designer which has pushed out some very popular online games into the online gaming world. Good Game Fashion, their latest creation and still in its Beta stage, is a game that can be hosted on any site with Good Game Studio’s embedding options. It is free to register and play. However, you can purchase items that will help you get ahead in the game faster.

Goodgame Fashion Green Shop
Screenshot image of Good Game Fashion – image by moddb.com

Good Game Fashion is an online fashion community all its own, which resembles a fantastic giant mall in which all online players have their own store and are competing in business together. “Customers” wandering the mall and in and out of your store will choose whether to purchase from you or someone else, and you must figure out ways to attract the most customers to your door and make the most sales.

goodgame fashion
All players have own stores – image by tamindir.com

Make friends with other fashion store owners and compete to become the best fashion designer and sell the most clothes and accessories in your store!

You don’t have to be a fashionista to have fun at this game, but if you love fashion, you will definitely love this Fashion game. Ever dreamed of becoming a fashion designer? Now is your chance! This easy to play yet complex game takes you through the steps from choosing and purchasing fabulous clothes designs, to sewing them up and producing the finished product yourself!

GoodgameFashion screen
You will love this – image by youdagames.com

Then you must stock your shelves with the finished fashion product and wait on the customers who come in to view your stylish items for sale!

Many fashion websites offer Good Game Fashion free to play on their site, and many free online game sites, like Silvergames.com, also offer this Fashion game free to play. When you first sign up, a short tutorial will take you through the steps to getting your awesome product on your store shelves, and then you are on your own! This time consuming, addictive game can go a lot faster if you purchase items to speed up production and other things.

goodgame fashion
It is easy to start – image by browsergames.de

Still, you can play for free and still have a lot of fun! Chat rooms and forums also offer a great place to interact with other fashion store owners, and learn more about how to play Good Game Fashion and be successful at it. Don’t be afraid to make new friends and team up with other players to share tips and tricks!

All in all, Good Game Fashion comes highly recommended by its overwhelming popularity, and you won’t be sorry you gave it a try. Register today or play temporarily as a guest to check it out before becoming a permanent fashion store owner.

Have fun with new friends – image by youtube.com

Guest players cannot use the chat feature however, and simply registering for free is recommended to take advantage of chatting with other players and other regular features of the game. Good luck and have fun playing Good Game Fashion!


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