What system is better with more features the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?

Xbox  PS

What system is better with more features the xbox 360 or playstation 3?

Are you stuck with the decision of what system is better? The xbox 360 brings you some of the best multiplayer games online over xbox live. Here are some pros and cons of the xbox 360s bulleted.

Xbox 360 – image by ebay.com


  • The xbox 360 cost less than the playstation 3.
  • The xbox 360 has more decent games that are co op and online rather than the playstation 3.
  • The controllers cost less and are wireless.
xbox elite controller front circle pad
Xbox wireless controller – image by gooddesign.org
  •  The xbox 360 has blue ray abilities.
  • Xbox live.
  • Downloadable content for featured games
  • Download demos and arcade games.
  • Great graphics
Forza Motorsport
Xbox 360 has great graphics – image by mygaming.co.za


  • RROD Red ring of death happens to many people.
  • Xbox live cost and the playstation 3 online don’t.
Xbox live costs – image by youtube.com
  • The controller isn’t interactive like the playstation 3
  • The blue ray player needs to be bought separate and the playstation 3 is built in
  • Doesn’t play all the old xbox games
What system is better with more features the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?
Some old Xbox games cannot be played – image by gumtree.com
  • New games cost 60$

The playstation 3 has many content that’s out there today that allows you to play games online and have the most decent graphics. Also the Blue ray player is a built in the system that allows you to play blue ray movies.

Fix the PS White Lines Step  Version
The Playstation 3 – image by wikihow.com


  • The system brings you very good graphics
  • The playstation 3 can be able to play the playstation 1 and 2 games if it’s backwards compatible.
RV PS Featured
Games of PS1 can be played with PS3 – image by racketboy.com
  • Very good titles of games coming out.
  • Blue ray DVD drive built in.
  • Controllers interactive and wireless.
What system is better with more features the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?
Wireless and interactive controller – image by newretroconsoles.com


  • The system cost way more than it should and more than the xbox 360.. 
  • Controllers are very expensive. 
  • New games cost 60$.
New PS 3 games cost 60$
  • Not as much online content like xbox 360

Now that you seen the pros and cons of each system you should now decide on what system you want to buy. My personal note I would get the x box 360 cause of halo3 and the new gears of war 2.

Your money, your choice – image by gearmuke.com


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