What is a Honeymoon Registry? A Trendy Alternative to Wedding Registries for Engaged Couples


Honeymoon registries are a new trend in the wedding industry. Here is an overview and review of one such service.

What is a Honeymoon Registry?

A honeymoon registry is a service engaged couples use to have their honeymoon paid for by wedding guests. It is a trendy alternative to a traditional wedding registry.

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On a normal wedding registry, couples register for china, flatware and kitchen appliances; on a honeymoon registry, the couple registers for airfare, hotel accommodations, entertainment, meals, and even shopping funds.

According to Maureen Daniels of Marlee Travel, today’s internet-savvy brides and grooms are looking for innovative and convenient, yet budget-friendly wedding resources. A honeymoon registry fills this need by giving couples honeymoon memories to last a lifetime without breaking the bank.

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Reasons to Use a Honeymoon Registry

  • The couple already owns the appliances or other gifts typically placed on a wedding gift registry. Some couples have enough household items between the two of them to stock an entire new house or apartment; other couples have been living together before marriage and already have the staples needed for the household. These couples would greatly appreciate help paying for a honeymoon instead.
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  • It’s unique. Wedding guests may like the opportunity to pay for a romantic dinner or a relaxing day at the spa instead of purchasing a plain old toaster.
  • Wedding guests save time on buying gifts because everything can be purchased online. Some services offer phone ordering capabilities in case a wedding guest is not familiar with computers or prefers that ordering method to the internet. An added bonus is that there are no gifts to wrap or carry to the reception!
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Companies such as HoneymoonWishes provide additional services to brides and grooms. Engaged couples have access to an email program that they can use to send announcements. The bride will also receive free printable announcement cards to insert into bridal shower invitations as well as free electronic thank you cards.

How does a Honeymoon Registry Work?

Honeymoon registries are as simple to use as regular wedding registries.

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Using HoneymoonWishes as an example, the couple would do the following:

  1. Set up an account
  2. Create custom wedding gift items. (Gifts can be broken up in reasonable increments, for example a $1,000 gift item can be broken into 20 $50 increments).
  3. Create a wedding website, blog and photo album to be hosted by the online registry.
  4. Send email announcements to guests regarding the registry.
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Honeymoon Wishes website – image by romanticbug.com

The only cost incurred by the couple to set up the honeymoon registry is a 7% service fee. This couple has the option to pay for this themselves or subtract it from the gift monies received.


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